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Hugging It Out

Jill and Bethenny do lunch, LuAnn does the song, Ramona gets re-hitched.

In honor of the season finale, the Talk Bubble got to popping early this week. Potato latkes and drama were on the menu when frenemies Bethenny and Jill met for a conciliatory lunch. Ye faithful Bubblers were split on the outcome. @flyynaija found it “really sad to see Jill and Bethenny’s friendship go downhill like that...” Some, like @TheLatifah, weren’t buying Jill’s apology and thought it “funny to see Jill try to backpedal her way out of all the drama she's caused Bethenny this season.” To her credit, Jill had one loyal follower in @wendysully who gushed “I still love @Jillzarin. Not liking the negative talk about her. She's true and genuine. There'd be no show without Jill.”

Later, the wives rocked out at Countess LuAnn’s CD release party featuring her song “Money Can’t Buy You Class”, which, in the words of @bravoproducer Michael Call, “has hit written all over it!” By now, some bubblers had begun to soften to the idea of a platinum Countess, like @spaceswithin who said “catchy tune, huh?” Catchy perhaps, but the auto-tune and lip-sync comments won the day. Facebooker Nancy Hunter looked at the bright side: “I am sorry. That was lip-syncing tonight. At least her record producer was kind by having her do it.” Hey, that’s the man’s job isn’t it? And don’t be sorry Nancy Hunter, we still love you even though you ruined the illusion! Other comments on the Countess in concert ranged from the cruel (@GEORGE3Q: “Wait really, is LuAnn serious?”), to the ironic (@LosAngelesEdge: “Countess LuAnn's performance tonight on RHONY... one word: LEGENDARY! lol”) to the… delicious? (@desole: “Maybe LuAnn can marry Count Chocula and get her title back”)

And oh boy, don’t get the Bubble started on absentee housewife Jen Gilbert likening LuAnn to an “early Madonna!” @AvantGarde1978 wasn’t having any of it when she tweeted “What? OMG Madonna would be so mad!” Maybe so. Or maybe she needs a new opening act! Are you listening Madge? We’ll have the Countess call your people.

Of course, no season would be complete without a wedding. OK, OK, technically it wasn’t a wedding but Bethenny’s saving herself for the spinoff. Good thing Ramona and Mario stepped up to the altar to renew their vows after 17 years. And while Facebooker Sidra Samm wasn’t the only Talk Bubbler moved, she was the most succinct, “Mario and Ramona's renewal ceremony was beautiful. I found myself tearing up. Her hair looked awesome and her daughter looked stunning! @veekay86 echoed Sidra’s sentiments even admitting she “…totally cried along with all the guests at @RamonaSinger's renewal of vows! So sweet and precious!” A few were left a little cold by the proceedings, though. @Mochaq2k went so far as to ask, “Why didn't anyone mention Coco in the vows? Poor dog.”

But as @JanetOrdiway so memorably tweeted “It's not over 'til the fat lady sings, & it's not a #realhousewives of NY finale unless @SimonvanKempen is dancing in an outlandish outfit!” Simon certainly lived up to the billing wearing… well, what was he wearing?! @ bravoproducer cracked “Half a shirt, half a man? Does that mean that Simon's some sort of centaur?”

As the night came to a close, Bethenny thanked Alex and Ramona for their friendship through her rather exhausting year and the Bubble came close to melting. @sammonpatty thought @Bethenny “talking to Ramona and Alex after the renewal was very touching! Can't wait for next Thursday - BGM?!” West Coast Talk Bubble guest host @jeanakeough thought there may have been a more primal cause at play, namely “Bethanny's hormones are messing with her!” As finales are apt to do, RHONY ended on a cliffhanger with the two dueling divas, Bethenny and Jill finally mending their rift. Will it last? @jamieealexaa seemed to hope so when she tweeted @bethenny and @jillzarin hugging almost made me cry. Wow.

Next week’s reunion promises to give answers on just what our Housewives plan next? In the meantime, what will you do on your Housewives hiatus?

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