Here's How Ian Ziering Plans to Send You Around the World Like a Celeb

Here's How Ian Ziering Plans to Send You Around the World Like a Celeb

If you travel like him, you're doing it right.

By Alesandra Dubin

Ian Ziering — of 90210 and Sharknado fame — is about to reveal his latest venture. While it has nothing to do with sci-fi meteorological phenomena, it does bear some relationship to the posh Beverly Hills life portrayed on that earlier show. Here’s what we mean…

The star is launching a digital platform with news, info, travel tips, exclusives, and experiences for high-end travelers: Celebrity Hideaways

You see, Ziering has been traveling the world for the last 30 years and — and thanks to his celeb status, he’s had access to some of the most insane destinations in all corners of the globe. So the idea is he wanted to create a place for travelers looking for over-the-top and unique experiences, which might otherwise have been reserved for celebs in his category.

“Whenever a conversation turns to travel, I’m often asked ‘What’s the coolest or most amazing place that I’ve ever been?’” Ziering says. “After realizing there is no resource that offers these kinds of experiences or information, I decided to create it myself.” 

Celebrity Hideaways will highlight places frequented by rich and famous folks, as well as the under-the-radar spots poised to become the celeb hideaways of the future.

If this seems like an unlikely venture for the actor, it’s really not: He recently showed off his entrepreneurial skills on Celebrity Apprentice (where he rubbed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville the wrong way) and has launched his clothing line, Chainsaw Brands.

But for extra credibility and help launching the site, Ziering’s working with Food and Beverage Magazine publisher and restaurateur Michael Politz, and celeb travel expert Justine Liddelow.

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