Introducing Tweet Tracker, Just Saying, and Tweet Battle

Introducing Tweet Tracker, Just Saying, and Tweet Battle

Three new ways to follow and fight for your Bravo favorites.

NeNe Leakes, Tom Colicchio and Andy Cohen
It's a big day for us -- we're celebrating the birth of our new digital baby... well, triplets, really.

First, meet our Tweet Tracker -- You chance to see which Bravo shows and stars are generating the most buzz on Twitter. You can dig deeper and see everything people are saying about a specific show or star, and of course, you can send your own tweet into the mix. And yes, it's incredibly hypnotic (kind of like a social networking fishtank).

Next, Just Saying... Perfect for those times when you want to salute your favorite chef, but face a serious case of writer's block. We provide the hashtag, you just finish the thought -- think of it like a tweet Mad Lib.

And finally, if you're bold enough, you can step inside the cage for our Tweet Battle. Pick a show, star, or topic, state your case, and challenge your friends to a war of words... Finally, a place to settle your heated Housewives debates once and for all. Or, if you'd rather cheer from the sidelines, see what other fans are fighting about and cast your vote.

So please, poke around, kick the tires, and enjoy.

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