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Jax Taylor Admits to Spray Painting *This* Part of His Body: “Guys Don't Want to Talk About..."

Please, do not try this Jax Taylor's beauty tip at home.

By Jax Miller
What Is Tom Schwartz’s Honest Opinion of Jax Taylor’s Bar?

The Valley’s Jax Taylor recently got candid about his appearance, explaining that he went to great lengths to cover up a very common occurrence in men: hair loss.

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“I’m at that point in life where it’s starting to thin out a little bit,” Jax admitted in his confessional on The Valley, Season 1, Episode 6. “So, you’re supposed to catch it before it’s too late, so it’s like anything else. You start noticing certain things, you wanna get ahead of it.”

No pun intended.

Jax Taylor talks hair loss, admits to spray-painting his own head

Yes, Jax used spray paint to cover his thinning hair. At least he used to, before teaming up with XYON, a company which offers a better alternative to help thinning locks.

Jax Taylor and Cruz Cauchi in a pool together.

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Jax hosted a product launch party at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, announcing his new partnership to promote a line for treating male hair loss. The whole cast of The Valley was in attendance, as were a few familiar faces from the Bravo universe, including Vanderpump RulesTom Schwartz and Brittany Cartwright’s Kentucky-based family.

“A couple of months ago, my wife and I decided to do a photoshoot, taking pictures,” Jax told the crowd. “The photographer goes, ‘Do you wanna see some pictures?’ ‘Absolutely.’”

Jax Taylor standing in a pool.

It was then that Jax noticed a quarter-sized bald spot.

“I’m like, ‘What the f-ck is that?’” Jax continued. “So, I decided to go out in the garage, take a can of black spray paint, and spray paint my Rust-Oleum spray paint.”

Brittany voiced against the unorthodox practice, taking issue that black paint had stained their pillows. But “long story short,” Jax said he was finished spray painting his hair for good since his partnership, which sounds a lot less messy (and a lot healthier) than flammable, industrial paint.

Earlier in the episode, Jax explained to Danny Booko that he wanted to nip hair thinning in the bud before it grew (or didn’t grow) out of control. He didn’t want hair treatments that would require a ton of steps but hoped for something as simple as a shampoo and conditioner to help the issue.

He also raised that hair thinning and hair loss was something men were often uncomfortable discussing, much like erectile dysfunction.

Jax Taylor talking in an interview.

“It kind of goes along the lines of Viagra; I feel like hair loss is kind of the same thing,” said Jax. “Guys don’t want to talk about that sh-t, I don’t want to talk about that sh-t.”

XYON caters to both men and women, specializing in hair growth concerns ranging from breakage to regrowth, according to its website. Products include shampoos, conditioners, serums, and pills, most of which contain common prescription hair growth ingredients to meet individuals’ needs, such as finasteride and minoxidil.

Is Jax really losing his hair?

Not everyone in the series was as convinced of Jax losing his hair. Rather, castmates questioned whether it was a chance for the Jax’s Studio City owner to cash in with a new business venture. Even though Danny admitted that Jax “has a bald spot on the back of his head,” he pointed out Jax’s opportunistic ways.

“Kudos to Jax to turn it into some money,” Danny told producers.

Others from The Valley also wondered how much hair Jax had actually lost.

“Jax has the best head of hair,” said Kristen Doute. “I’m not really grasping the whole hair loss thing.”

Even Janet Caperna had her doubts.

“If there’s a sponsorship opportunity, Jax is going to take it,” she said. “So, if he has to say he’s losing his hair to make a couple grand, he’s going to do it.”

Jason Caperna agreed with his wife, as did Jax’s long-time pal, Jesse Lally, who wasn’t completely convinced of Jax’s hair woes.

“It’s probably a cowlick, not a bald spot, and all he has to do is brush it over a little bit, and I think he’d be OK,” Jesse said. “But, hey. Cash those checks as long as you can.”

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