Is Kordell Stewart Really Dating Towanda Braxton?

Is Kordell Stewart Really Dating Towanda Braxton?

Tamar Braxton on whether Porsha Williams' ex-husband has moved on.

By Hilary Hughes

Porsha Williams's divorce was a difficult, tumultuous ordeal for both her and her ex husband, but it looks like the former couple is moving on. Porsha has started dating, and it seems as if Kordell might be seeing Towanda Braxton—or is he?

Let's just say that Towanda's sister, Tamar, said plenty with her facial expression before she offered up her thoughts on the alleged relationship on Watch What Happens Live.


"I never met no Kordell, and last time I checked my sister Towanda was married, so I don't know what the tea is on that!" she told Andy Cohen. When Andy implored further, Tamar shrugged off any validity of a Kordell/Towanda romance: "I don't know!"

Kordell's romantic life has been the subject of speculation as rumors started flying post-divorce about him potentially being interested in men, which both he and Porsha squashed. Gossip aside, as long as Porsha and Kordell are civil and happy, we're happy for them.

Do you believe Tamar's take on the Kordell/Towanda relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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