Who's the Tougher SUR Boss: Lisa Vanderpump or Ken Todd?

Who's the Tougher SUR Boss: Lisa Vanderpump or Ken Todd?

You don't want to make this #PumpRules head honcho angry, according to Kristen Doute.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Vanderpump Rules fans saw a very different side of Lisa Vanderpump's usually sweet and suave husband Ken Todd when he confronted James Kennedy in Monday night's episode. As James tried to defend himself amid accusations from his SUR boss that he had showed up to work drunk again, Ken didn't like the way he was speaking to his wife. He called James a "little f***er" and threatened to "knock" him "spark out," all the while holding two of the couple's beloved dogs. His poise was actually pretty impressive.

Though we usually see Lisa lay down the law at SUR, longtime member of the Vanderpump Rules crew and former SURver Kristen Doute explained to The Daily Dish that Ken is very protective of his wife when their employees fight back. "Ken is very clearly the strong, silent type. He allows Lisa to take the reigns. He allows her to shine through to run the staff, to run us as she sees fit," Kristen explained. "We all know that Lisa is number one to Ken, Lisa and his kids, that's all that matters to him, and their animals. So you disrespect Lisa, he will go off." 

So if you thought Lisa was the SUR leader to be feared, think again. "I would never in a million years piss Ken off. Clearly, I've pissed off Lisa multiple times. I probably continue to do so occasionally, not in the same way that I used to, but I would never, ever cross Ken," Kristen said. "He's so kind and so sweet. He wants the best for all of us. I respect someone who respects their wife and family the way that he does." 

In short, don't make Ken angry, because you'll only be hurting yourself.

How could you upset a face like this, anyway?

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