'It's a Brad, Brad World': What They're Saying

'It's a Brad, Brad World': What They're Saying

The fashionista's show debuts. So how is it?

By Colleen Werthmann

Brad Goreski of It's a Brad, Brad World
Monday's premiere of It's a Brad, Brad World was the homecoming of bespectacled boy wonder Brad Goreski to Bravo.  The burgeoning celeb stylist is forging a career of his own with the love of his boyfriend Gary and two puckeriffic pooches.  How'd it go?  Take a gander at what critics and viewers have been saying about the sassy sartorialist so far:

The Critics

I was totally captivated by Brad's winning personality – seldom has so much unedited arch intelligence, sarcasm and whimsy been allowed on T.V. and I could not get enough. Couldn't! Additionally, it's nice to watch a Bravo-lebuity working hard to make good – especially when they seem to be working so hard and being so true to who they are. It was ten kinds of refreshing.... Goreski's eye for fashion screams his appreciation for all bodies – male and female – more than any lip service ever could.
-- Fempop

"It's a Brad, Brad World" is, on one hand, a continuing commercial for an underemployed freelancer; on the other, it's an advertisement for the career indulgence that choosing a well-to-do partner allows for. Mr. Goreski shares this show, his life and a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills (he works out of the garage) with Gary Janetti, who was a producer and writer on "Will & Grace" and "Family Guy" among other shows.
-- NY Times

I would watch this show every week to just to see more of Brad's home in Los Angeles, which he shares with his boyfriend Gary Janetti. It's so open! So much natural light! So much beautiful cabinetry! Gary and Brad have been together for ten years (they met in Mykonos, and it is so fun to imagine how that went down) and are adorably domestic. Or, to put it another way, they are "almost lesbians" according to Brad. They eat snacks on the couch in their pajamas after Hollywood parties, they talk constantly to each other without listening, they check their dog Penelope for fleas. They also have a another very cute dog named Jasper, who apparently wants to be carried everywhere. I love these dogs — although I could be biased, given that I'm also the parent of a dog named Jasper.
-- Styleite

Oh, and because you're all wondering—he totally high-roaded it in terms of the Rachel split. He has not met the baby; they do not talk; but no nastiness (only classiness). So that was refreshing.
-- Racked

Brad Goreski is downright adorable with just the right amount of panache. His "over it" boyfriend (whom we are becoming quite fond of), Gary Janetti truly can't be bothered with talking to strangers about what they do (i.e.-Us Weekly's "Hot In Hollywood" party).
-- The Socialite Life

Something you don’t see much on these types of shows is frustrated boredom and inactivity, which Goreski seems okay with letting viewers peek in on. While waiting for his agent to call with some work — and getting turned down for a job styling Diane Lane after a half-hearted commitment — he's shown puttering around his beautiful home, working out in a barre-style fitness class, playing with his dogs and generally bemoaning his lack of work... it's at least interesting to see someone not feel compelled to showcase their life on TV as an unending parade of glamorous celebrity air kisses.
-- The A.V. Club (The Onion)

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