Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Kissing Aniston, Worst Audition

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Kissing Aniston, Worst Audition

Watch exclusive extras from his revealing Actors Studio interview.

By Pat Cauley


On last night's episode of Inside the Actors Studio, Jake Gyllenhaal sat down with James Lipton for one of the most revealing interviews of his career. The actor opened up about gay rumors, working with the late Heath Ledger and more.

There were plenty of extra moments that we're psyched to share exclusively. In these clips, Jake opens up about working with Jennifer Aniston in the Good Girl, teaming up with Gwyneth Paltrow ("She's fierce...specific!"), and the thrills of watching the next generation of actors kill it on-screen. "It is one of the my great joys in my life," he says.

Perhaps the most hilarious moment came when Jake talked about a disastrous audition for Dude, Where's My Car?. "A very good movie!" he says. "I really, really wanted this role...[the producers said it's nothing] like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. My dad and I brainstormed and I was like I got it, [talks with a lisp], like, 'Dude, where's my car?' They were going to find the next Keanu Reeves...they didn't!"

He also talked about one moment when he had the option to be tased or pepper sprayed—and he chose to be tased. "I feel like very-short, intense pain is better than long arduous pain," he said. "I was told by all the police officers if you get the chance to get tased, to choose that."

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