James Lipton Wants You to Cast the Big 'Actors Studio' 250th Episode!

James Lipton Wants You to Cast the Big 'Actors Studio' 250th Episode!

The Inside the Actors Studio host is celebrating the milestone by putting it in the hands of fans.

By Mike Hess

James Lipton has been the one calling the shots while on stage with pretty much every A-list actor in the business over the past 18 years of Inside the Actors Studio. And because his milestone 250th episode is quickly approaching, James wants to shuffle the deck a little bit and allow his fans to be the ones running the show and determining the direction of the episode.

In his blog, James writes: "When my Bravo colleagues and I gathered around a table to ask ourselves, 'How do we celebrate the 250th?' we realized the answer was staring us in the face: 'Let's let those good people who have shared this amazing journey with us take over and pick the best moments, episodes, and guests of the past eighteen years, and we'll reprise them on the 250th, with full on-air credit to the viewer whose proposal we've selected.'  ... And the social networks of cyberspace, another idea whose time has come since we began the series, enable us to reach out to. . .you out there, wherever you are and whatever you think. So we invite you to share your all-time favorite moment, guest or episode, and the reason for your choice, by commenting here at Bravotv.com, on Bravo’s Facebook page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #IAS250. If we choose your response, it will be read on the show, as the introduction of the moment, guest or episode you’ve proposed, signed and certified by you."

So, there you have it: YOU can cast the 250th episode of Inside the Actors Studio, or submit your favorite moments, quotes -- anything. Just leave your choices and repsonses in the comment section below, and we'll make sure James sees them all. What are you waiting for ... comment!

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