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Josh and Heather Altman Reveal What It's *Really* Like to Be Married Business Partners

The MDLLA couple shares updates on their marriage, kids, and friendship with Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Over the years, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles fans have not only been witnesses to Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu Altman's lives wheeling and dealing as West Coast real estate agents, but they have also watched their love story unfold. Fans were even there when the couple married in 2016 (their wedding was featured in Season 9 of MDLLA) and have watched as they have shared their success with their family.

Well, more than five years later, Josh and Heather's business has grown to mega levels of success, and their family has expanded as well (they are parents to two young kids, Ace and Lexi). When Bravo Insider recently caught up with the Altmans, they opened up about being a real estate power couple, or as Heather put it, "We're a little crazy. We're those working parents that everyone's embarrassed of."

While not all couples can make working together, well, work, the Altmans have done so and with great success. And, as Heather noted, "Josh wouldn't have it any other way."

Josh agreed — and with good reason. "I'm not just saying this 'cause my wife is on the phone with me and I'm trying to get laid tonight, but having Heather [be a] part of the business is the greatest thing ever... Being able to have somebody that you not only trust a hundred percent but a partner whose opinion you respect in the business you're in so much, it's like having an angel on your shoulder while you're doing deals," he said. "So, love working together with her. A lot of people don't realize that she's been selling real estate since she was 16 years old. I might've sold more volume-wise, but she's been in the business longer, and she's gonna hit $100 million in sales this year, which makes her one of the top real estate agents in the country on her own without even talking about what she's accomplished with us."

With that in mind, Heather does have some wisdom to share with any couple also thinking about mixing work and play. "It's really, really respecting what the other one brings to the table and understanding when it's business and not letting your personal emotions get a hold of you when you're talking about something. A lot of times, when it's business, it can still get heated, but you gotta take the emotional side out of it," she said.

Heather also opened up about the dynamic of working with her brother-in-law, Matt Altman, who is also on the same real estate team with his family. "At the end of the day, what we've realized is between Josh and I and then Josh, Matt, and I, we all bring something different to the table with business," she said. "And if we allow each other to do what we're good at and trust that the other one is, knows what they're doing then, you know, things are pretty smooth sailing."

On top of that, Heather and Josh have found ways to disconnect from the grind. "White wine. I drink a lot of wine, and also Josh loves tequila. It's challenging. It's hard to get away from it," she said. "We have a home and, you know? We see each other, and it's just ongoing because we love to talk about work and what we're doing. We have fun as a family and, you know? Josh loves to take the kids swimming on the weekends, and we go down to Newport all the time. We have a house down there, but we've also expanded our business down there. So it's a balancing act that we don't really seem to get away from real estate, but we make it work and we love it."

Speaking of the little Altmans, Ace, 2, and Lexi, 4, well, they are thriving just like their mom and dad. "So the kids are great. Ace just started his first year of school. So now both kids go to school together, and it's the sweetest, cutest thing. [Like] them walking into school and holding hands, and carpooling them, I love it. So that's so exciting for Ace, and because, you know, classes have been opened up again, the kids are in a lot of classes," Heather said. "Lexi loves to dance. I mean, this girl is very talented and has a passion for dancing. We put a big mirror in her room so she can watch herself dance and watch YouTube and try to mimic the moves from all these different little dance videos from Kidz Bop. She'll be doing her first recital in a couple of months. So super exciting. Her other one last year got canceled because of COVID, so we never got to do it. So this year, it's going to be extra special."

In the years since the Altmans became parents, Heather shared how the experience has changed the couple. "It's just brought us together that much more. I mean, having these two little amazing little human beings that we created, and I see myself in them. I see Josh in them. Just all of us being together, it's so much fun. We're a family, we're a unit, and just feeling that we're all there to support each other and protect each other and have fun," she said. "I mean, at night, we have dance parties all the time together. It's our little crew, you know? Like our little built-in best friends now. I'm a camp counselor. I have to keep the kids very active, and I have to keep Josh very active. He's got ADD, so every few hours I always have to make sure, if we're on vacation, there's a new activity. So I've been trained to be a mom since I started dating Josh. It's been good."

As a close-knit family unit, Josh and Heather are also finding new ways to keep the magic alive in their relationship, which includes discovering ways to bond amid the pandemic. It spawned an adorable evening just this year that Heather shared with Bravo Insider. "Kind of funny, when we did our anniversary during quarantine, and no restaurants were open and you're confined to your house with your family and my mom lives with us. For a while, our nannies were living with us. We decided to order food from our favorite restaurant and tailgate from an empty lot that we had up for sale and eat dinner in the back of the car and look out at the view and play our favorite music. We love Frank Sinatra," she recalled. "So we put on our Pandora Frank Sinatra station. We had so much fun doing that that we did it again this year. We never realized that that would be so easy and simple and meaningful. So, that's kind of like our new little annual thing that we do. [The restaurant] Pace, it's our favorite place on the planet. Getting mad that I'm sharing all my secrets. Everyone's gonna be there. We're never gonna be able to get in."

The couple also happens to be close pals with fellow MDLLA couple Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd. Heather describes their friendship as "chaos, a circus."

"It's just so funny to think that for 10 years, my husband and Josh Flagg have hated each other. I mean, like, legitimately my husband — I've never seen him react to anyone. Nothing really gets under his skin, but Josh Flagg really just got under his skin," Heather said. "And so, to see this new relationship form, it's just so much fun. We all have fun. There's typically alcohol involved, and Bobby and I are so much alike. We're laughing and having fun, and it's always interesting. We definitely know how to help the other one within their household to get what they want. So, you know? It's worked out very well."

Soon, Bravo fans will get an inside look at that dynamic. The Joshes, along with Heather and Bobby, will all appear in the four-episode limited series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh, premiering on Thursday, December 23 at 8/7c.

Your First Look at Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh and Josh

And don't forget to tune into the supersized Season 13 finale of MDLLA on Thursday, December 16 at 8/7c.

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-Reporting by Abby Feiner

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