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The Daily Dish Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Josh Altman & Josh Flagg's Friendship Has Taken a "Disappointing" Turn: "Sore Subject"

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agents break down exactly why they had a falling out. 

By Abby Feiner

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is officially back for Season 15, and, of course, the July 10 premiere episode showcased a few jaw-dropping properties. However, one listing in particular is causing a major rift between Josh Altman and Josh Flagg

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During the episode, Josh and Heather Altman prepared for an open house at their $15,888,888 listing (check it out in the video above). 

"The Altman Brothers have an incredible listing on Readcrest," Heather explained, noting that she and her husband were co-listing with another agent. 

Because the house had been on the market for quite a while before Josh and Heather got the listing, many other agents had seen it. 

"I went on that listing appointment a year and a half ago," Tracy Tutor said in an episode interview. "I mean, who hasn't seen Readcrest? I'm sure James [Harris] and David [Parnes] were there. Maybe Fredrik [Eklund]." 

One person who had definitely seen it was Flagg, and he wasn't thrilled to find out Altman had the listing. 

Josh Flagg explains his drama with Josh Altman over the Readcrest listing

A split of Josh Altman and Josh Flagg.

"Altman and I went on that listing appointment together," Flagg explained in an episode interview.  

Later, Tracy asked Flagg if he was going to Altman's open house for the property, and he was quick to shut down that idea. 

"I'm not supporting someone who f-cking hijacked the listing that we went on together," he responded. "F-ck that."

"This Readcrest listing is a little bit of a sore subject for me because it's fair to say that Altman f-cked me," he added in an interview before joking, "And not in the way that I like to be f-cked." 

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Tracy seemed confused by Flagg's story, asking, "You went with him? So why are you not on it?"

Flagg noted that Altman "didn't even have the courtesy" to tell him he wasn't on the listing and found out when he "saw it come on the MLS." 

"That was the part that I was so butt-hurt about," he told Tracy. 

"Usually when you go on an appointment with somebody as a co-listing agent, you stick to it," Flagg said in an episode interview. "There are 100 times that I've gone on listing appointments with Josh, and we've teamed up together... I actually value the relationship and conduct myself in the way that I would want him to and I see that he's not playing by the same rules. That's when it bothers me, and it hurts my feelings."

Josh Altman explains why he is having "issues" with Josh Flagg

Altman shared his side of the story with Tracy later in the episode.

"I'm having some issues with Flagg," he said. "We went on a listing appointment together because that was when we were super tight. I kept in touch with that lady, and she called me up. She's like, 'Hey, now's the time. I want to co-list with you.' And I asked her straight up, I was like, 'What about Flagg?'... She said straight up, 'I just want you.'"

When Tracy asked Altman if he told Flagg about that decision, he explained, "I did not call him and tell him that because, honestly, I forgot. I literally forgot." 

That, Tracy declared, was a misstep: "Altman should have picked up the phone and called Flagg. Period."

Josh Flagg, Tracy Tutor and Josh Altman together in front of a purple and orange sky and the LA cityscape.

In an episode interview, Altman explained that his feelings about the friendship were deeper than the listing drama. 

"Everything that I've done for Flagg, which has been all me doing for Flagg, none coming back to me," he said. "Now he's saying, 'You stole Readcrest from me.' Bro, I've put a lot of time and energy into that friendship. It's disappointing. It's a bummer."

Are Josh Altman and Josh Flagg still friends? 

In a June 27 interview with The Daily Dish, Altman shared an update on his friendship with Flagg, explaining, "We’re definitely not in the place that we used to be."

"When you mix business and friendship, it’s gonna tend to happen more often than not," he admitted. "Especially the two of us, because we’re dealing with the same properties a lot... we’ll go up against each other a lot. So I think that probably magnifies it."

Altman noted that viewers will see their friendship drama unfold throughout Season 15. "You’ll have to tune in to see how it works its way out," he said. "I think we’re all just dealing with our own stuff right now. It’s not a priority for me, unfortunately, so we’ll see how it ends up.”

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