Julia Allison: 'I Finally Stopped Trying to be Perfect'

Julia Allison: 'I Finally Stopped Trying to be Perfect'

The gossip fixture has a brand new outlook.

By Lauren Metz

Being crowned one of the Most Hated People on the Internet? Sorry, Julia Allison, that probably doesn't land on many guys' 73-point dating checklist. Good thing the Miss Advised star threw her hands up and quit stressing about her Google search results. 

"Oddly, I'm less worried about what other people think than I have been in my entire life, and this (newfound) sense of self is – ironically – the greatest gift this show gave me," the dating columnist tells The Gloss.

Addressing her past dance with those harsh online inhabitants, Julia adds, "I had been trying my entire life to garner positive reactions from the outside world – everyone from my parents to my friends to the men I dated to strangers on the Internet. I wanted them all to love me. I thought that if they did I would be happy. But (duh) that's not how it works."

That aha! moment came after cameras rolling all hours of the day captured her "worst, my messiest, my least lovable sides." So the 30-year-old single writer came to realize, "I finally stopped trying to be perfect, and started just being myself…It's not that those insults don't still sting. It's that I know they don't really matter. Not much does, when it comes down to it…make your mistakes because you pushed yourself, not because you didn't, and maybe hit a creative high now and again. Then forgive yourself when you don't."

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A 73-Point Checklist is Natural
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