Kandi Burruss Channels Her Inner Taylor Swift

Kandi Burruss Channels Her Inner Taylor Swift

"I'm giving details of the situation in the verses," Kandi spills.

By Lauren Metz

Lyrics containing intimate details about relationships gone wrong? Why Kandi, Taylor Swift would be so proud.

Taking a page out of the country pop star's book, Real Housewives of Atlanta star confesses to Kandi BurrussEssence, "When I write a song, it's based off of a relationship that I've been in myself... every now and then [it's about] something that my girlfriends or friend told me that they went through."

Taking the Taylor route probably isn't a bad idea -- Swift sold more than 1 million copies of her new album, Speak Now, last week alone.

So future Kandi courters, listen up: "Most of the time when you listen to the song, it's a real experience and I'm giving details of the situation in the verses, so they're real life experiences," the single mom declares. "I think that's why a lot of the time the songs are relatable, because everyone experiences the same thing -- just different names."

Throwing herself into work on her upcoming album, Kandi Koated, most likely helped Kandi handle the unexpected death of her former fiancé. "Dealing with A.J.'s death was, I think, the hardest thing that I had to deal with," she explains. "I lost my brother when I was 15. He was the closest person to me. I feel like once you lose somebody that close to you, you're kind of numb to death. But for me, I don't like to talk about it. I just kind of block it out. That's my way of dealing, but in this situation I couldn't block it out because people kept wanting to talk about it. When I talk about it, it makes me emotional."

Consider that your warning to have the tissue box handy when listening to the new album.

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