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Even Werner Herzog Can't Resist Watching Kanye's "Famous" Video

The famed filmmaker shares his thoughts on the rapper's controversial, VMA-nominated visual.

By Jocelyn Vena
Kim Rants About… Kanye Ranting?

If Kanye West intended for his "Famous" video to be considered "art," then he may have completed his mission. The controversial clip, which features all sorts of "celebs" (including Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift(!)), lying together in bed naked, has just gotten the seal of approval from famed German filmmaker Werner Herzog. He was recently tasked by The Daily Beast to watch the VMA-nominated video and offer up his thoughts — and to say he was impressed might be an understatement. We mean, he straight up called it "very good stuff." (He basically had his very own "Imma let you finish" moment.) And while Werner wasn't familiar with all the "celebs" (in the form of wax statues) included in the video (sorry, Amber Rose), he did note that the folks Kanye curated for the video are "deceivingly well cast."

When the video was released back in June, it caused a bit of an uproar — Lena Dunham dubbed it " disturbing." It is a bit of a jarring video as it really just features the "celebs" lying in bed together, nude, and not doing much else. Werner seems to think that's part of its appeal. "The fact that there's just breathing and imagining about it, is wonderful," he shared. He also praised the treatment for offering up a very Kanye take on internet fame and celebrity culture.

"That's an interesting thing that the internet can create doppelgangers easily. And the most interesting thing for me as storyteller is something I keep saying: in a movie you do do have a story and you develop a story. But at the same time you have to be very careful and think about and organize a parallel story a separate independent story that only occurs in the collective mind of the audience," he explained. "And then you hear the rap, which is very well done, all of a sudden it gives you more time than anything else just to reflect on it. And this video gives you space for creating your separate, parallel story and you keep thinking 'Are these people for real, or are they doppelgangers? And what could be the story of them?'"

In the end, Werner was definitely on board for all things "Famous." "Kanye West, if he applies to my rogue film school with this film, I would invite him because I have never seen anything like this and it really has caliber. It shows us that the internet can be well beyond 60 seconds cat videos, although I like them as well."

Werner Herzogs! They're just like us!"

You can check out all of Werner's thoughts below. But, take note, the images are a little NSFW.

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