Kathryn Edwards Gets Support from Lisa Rinna Following Her Nephew's Passing

Kathryn Edwards Gets Support from Lisa Rinna Following Her Nephew's Passing

The #RHOBH rookie opened up about her nephew's death in this week's cast blog.

By Jocelyn Vena

Kathryn Edwards has received support from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate Lisa Rinna following the news that her 21-year-old nephew, Cooper, died last week from a drug overdose. The RHOBH rookie discussed his passing in her cast blog this week.

"I won't get into all of the details but suffice to say that my family is beyond devastated," Kathryn wrote. "What I will share with you is this: Cooper was experimenting with drugs...he died of a drug overdose. No one knew that he was in that dark of a place. We knew that he had been screwing up...not going to school, missing work and not acting responsibly."

When addressing the loss, Kathryn had a message for others who might also be facing a similar situation with someone close to them. "His girlfriend of two years had no idea it was this bad, his father (my brother) had no idea. My purpose in sharing this news with you is this: I want everyone who reads my blog to be aware of what's going on around their loved ones, their friends and their social circles. It's not enough to tell someone 'to get their act together' or 'to figure it out.' People who are lost aren't able to see their way out or have the tools to navigate," she wrote. "We have an epidemic in this country. Too many kids are dying from drug overdoses, not enough is being done. You will learn about my younger years this season...I wish I could say that this is the first time that my family has been touched by addiction and tragedy, but it isn't. I would be wrong if I didn't acknowledge what has so clearly left a mark on me. Please speak up when you see someone who needs help, you may not get a second chance to do it."

In the wake of her emotional post, Lisa shared words of support for Kathryn on Twitter. Lisa also recently suffered a loss; her father died in late January.

Below, see photos of Kathryn through the years.


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