Kathy Wakile's Not Taking Sides

Kathy Wakile's Not Taking Sides

"I never wanted to choose between Melissa or Teresa," the 'Wife says.

By Lauren Metz

Maybe Kathy Wakile should take a cue from her cousin and put it in writing during her next peacemaking mission. Even though the Real Housewives of New Jersey new edition was coming from "a place of love" when she confronted Teresa Giudice after the annual Posche Fashion Show, only two words can describe how her efforts played out: epic fail.

"I didn't blame [Teresa] for not knowing where her children were, because obviously if it was my husband and my father and my brother-in-law and my brother involved in something and my children are not in the immediate danger of the actual altercation, I would really be worrying about who was involved," Kathy now tells Zap2it. "And she took it that I was trying to [question her mothering]. And I was not at all."

While she's at it, Kathy has another thing she'd like to clear up: she's not waving a Team Melissa flag – at least not on purpose. "I never wanted to choose between Melissa or Teresa," the mom of two says about the ongoing Gorga vs. Giudice family feud. "I grew up with Teresa. Teresa is my cousin and I love her. I looked at her like a little sister. When Joe and Melissa got married, I looked at Melissa like a cousin too.

"It wasn't a divide that was intentional by any means," she adds. "It was not intended to be that way."

Did Teresa overreact after the fashion show, or was she right to feel attacked? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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