Kathy Wakile's Side of the Cookbook War

Kathy Wakile's Side of the Cookbook War

"I never insinuated that she stole anything," the RHONJ star says.

By Lauren Metz

Kathy Wakile

Food fight! "I saw a picture in her cookbook and it brought me back to my childhood, and what my mother used to make in the kitchen, what I grew up seeing. So of course, [I said,] ‘Oh, like momma makes. Oh, my mom's cooking,'" The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kathy Wakile explains to Celebuzz about the assumed jab that sent cousin Teresa Giudice into a tizzy.

But put the spatulas down; Kathy wasn't trying to add fire to her flames with T. "It wasn't anything calculating, my mom and her mom are sister-in-laws," she says. "Her mother doesn't have any other siblings. My mother doesn't have any sister-in-laws on her side of the family here in this side of the country. They baked together."

No biggie, right? "There's no reason to be so defensive unless you're maybe insecure about something," Kathy adds. "You've got to enjoy and believe in what you do, and not be insecure about it, and just go forward. You know what? She's doing really well with her cookbook and I think God bless her and support her. She's doing wonderful. No one is asking for anything. I want to support her. I never insinuated that she stole anything."

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