Katie Maloney Challenges the Fashion Industry's "Plus Size" Label

Katie Maloney Challenges the Fashion Industry's "Plus Size" Label

The #PumpRules fashionista stands up for women everywhere.

By Jocelyn Vena

As the fashion industry continues to embrace more diverse body types, the discussion around the term "plus size" is getting louder and louder. Both Gigi Hadid and Amy Schumer have used their voices to speak up and out the way women are viewed in the industry and how such scrutiny often leads to body shaming based on people's preconceived notions.

Now, Vanderpump Rules SURver Katie Maloney is also weighing in, sharing that she doesn't see why a label needs to apply to women of any size, especially those considered "plus size." "I'm really tired of brands using beautiful women in their campaigns and categorizing them as 'plus size' insinuating that they are different from other women," she wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram. She went on to say that she "doesn't see models categorized as 'below average weight/size'" and added that she applauds any woman for posing for an underwear campaign, citing it as "brave." You can check out her full empowering statement, below.

Following her comments, the Pucker & Pout blogger received a wave of support from her followers. "So glad u shared this! I am a plus size lady and I hate the tag 'plus size'!!!" pamelar2500 wrote. Jenlynette1 added, "Amen!! Preach!!! Love this perfectly written!"

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