Kim and Kyle's Blow Up Left Adrienne Maloof "Shaking"

Kim and Kyle's Blow Up Left Adrienne Maloof "Shaking"

Keeping the peace proved draining for the Bev Hills 'Wife.

By Lauren Metz

Adrienne Maloof is mom to three "bruisers" who repeatedly broke their plastic surgeon dad's nose while roughhousing. She laughs that off, but sitting between sisters Kim Richards and Kyle Richards during their explosive limo fight? That—literally—gave her the shakes.

"I have three little boys, it was extremely difficult for me," the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells Zap2It. "It was physically and emotionally draining for me that night. When I got out of the limo, I was actually shaking."

Throughout the season, Adrienne steered clear of the oh-no-she-didn't drama and kept a neutrality that could have made the Swiss jealous. "Growing up in a family business, it's kind of my character to keep the peace," says the only daughter in a family of five children. "So, I think that it just came natural to me to try and be the voice of reason for the girls and hopefully I accomplished that."

True to her Nobel Peace Prize-like roots, Adrienne's even lobbying for Kyle's haters to cut her some slack. "Understand that Kyle is very emotional, and though she's aggressive in the way she talks, she's a very sweet girl and she feels horrible after she does it. I just think her style of communicating with Kim is a little bit on the defensive side. And that's just different styles."

Adrienne will have one more chance to play peacemaker Tuesday night, when part 2 of our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs at 10/9c.

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