Kristin Cavallari's Epic 'Plead the Fifth'

Kristin Cavallari's Epic 'Plead the Fifth'

Hey Hills fans, prepare to have your minds blown: It was all fake.

By Mike Hess

Dear anyone who watched the The Hills: You're about to have some serious mascara tears after you hear what Kristin Cavallari has to say about the show's plotlines.

"Pretty fake," K-Cav proudly admitted during a fantastic round of Plead the Fifth on last night's Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen asked away and Kristin was a great sport when it came to coughing up details about her former show and everything viewers saw ... which turns out to be a big old farce, it seems. "Fake relationships, fake fights ... yeah. I'm sorry!"

Fake fights is fine, but please do not tell us that Kristin's (and even Audrina's) time with reality TV legend and cassanova Justin Bobby was bogus. We just can't handle news of that gravity right now.

"I never really dated him," Kristin admits to the soundtrack of our hearts shattering. "I think I made out with him once and that took a lot of convincing, and finally I was just like 'Alright I'll just do it.' But it was fun because you're acting, then it was more fun for me."

Kristin's couchmate, Real Housewives of Beverly Hill star Taylor Armstrong, seemed to wish their show was scripted, jumping in to ask Andy: "Can we start acting on our show? Do you think I would look like such an a--hole if it were scripted?"

Laughs aplenty -- and one of the more memorable Plead the Fifths of late. Well done, Kristin.
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