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Kyle Richards Spills on Holiday Traditions, Motherhood, and Shutting Down a "Popular Belief" About Herself

Kyle and The Housewives of the North Pole co-star Betsy Brandt talk about friendships and why the movie is special for Real Housewives fans.

By Jocelyn Vena
Daily Dish Rhobh Kyle Richards

The holiday season has officially arrived, and The Housewives of the North Pole co-stars Kyle Richards and Betsy Brandt are extremely excited and refuse to hide it IRL and in the flick, in which they star as holiday-loving BFFs.

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"I mean, anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with the holidays," Kyle shared in an interview with Bravo Insider, when chatting about the Peacock holiday flick. "We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. And I love to go over the top. So, obviously, I was drawn to that [in this movie]. And, I also was just drawn to the fact that it's just a feel-good movie. It's a movie about friendship and love and family and young love. And it is just something that makes you laugh and makes you cry and makes you watch with an unbelievable smile on your face. The script was amazing."

Betsy mirrored that sentiment in the same interview, which took place during the Season of Getting. "I am a total holiday person," she said. "And so, I would like to overload on Christmas. I'm here for it. I'm ready. I'll take any prop home that you want to give me. I'll wear all the Christmas clothes. All of it. I thought it made this movie a little bit more special that it did have all of those other things, too [like the theme of friendship and motherhood], that makes us want to watch things. Right?"

Speaking of friendship, at the core of the film, besides cute reindeer and sparkling holiday decor, is the tight-knit bond between Kyle and Betsy's characters, Trish and Diana, respectively, who go through some ups and downs as they face off in a holiday decorating competition that turns heated. So, did either of these actresses base this fictional relationship on any of their real-life ones?

"For me, I just was working off the script and kind of having fun with these characters," Kyle said. "I wouldn't really throw a Frappuccino in someone's face. But Trish definitely would and did. I mean, I've done some crazy things. But no, I really wouldn't [throw a Frap], in spite of, you know, popular belief."

Betsy added that she and Kyle pretty much immediately bonded making the film, even with the Frap-throwing scene taking place early on in filming before they really got to know one another. "We were both there for it. Like Kyle said, we just had really great chemistry. And it was just easy for both of us right from the beginning," she said of working with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG before spilling a bit about her own experiences with her pals.

"We took some theatrical license with some things. But I have really good friends that I've loved. And there are times where, like, I've said something [and] I was, like, 'Oh, I shouldn't have said that.' They happened to hurt my feelings. That's just part of life, of a relationship," Betsy said. "But for me, the bigger theme was the loss when they weren't talking and how much they missed each other. And, you know, I mean it's sad, but as human beings, sometimes we don't know how much we love something or someone until they're not there. [With] these two [characters] I feel like they're gonna get back together because there's so much love between them. But, it's a journey."

Kyle added, "And I'm so that person. I love my friends with all my heart and soul. I will never have a falling out unless there's an issue. [When that happens], I am so down. I don't sleep at night. So I could really tap into that with this character, for sure. It was easy for me to tear up thinking about, you know, the fact that Diana and [my character] were broken up during this time and competing against each other in this contest. So, the fact that I loved Betsy from the minute I met her, it was even easier for me to feel that."

Kyle also dished a bit about another key relationship in the film between Trish and her husband, played by Carlos Ponce. "The thing about this movie, too, is that my [character's] husband, he really appreciated the whole love that [my character has] for my best friend," she said. "And he knew, it was affecting me."

Kyle and Betsy's North Pole alter egos are also proud mamas to kids who are ready to take leaps into adulthood with their moms there for support and offering up the kind of extra, well, encouragement that only a caring parent can. 

"It was really fun for me because, obviously, I am a mom of four daughters, so that was very easy for me to tap into," Kyle said. "I just felt like I was really talking to one of my daughters. Except Trish is a little heartless at times. I know there's some rough scenes when  [my daughter in the movie is] pouring her heart out and [my character is] still focused on the decorations. I can sort of relate to that. But it was fun to play a mom to a daughter 'cause that's so easy for me."

Oh, BTW, a handful of Real Housewives (Sonja Morgan, Karen Huger, Lisa Barlow, and Cynthia Bailey) make cameos in the flick, adding even more sparkle to this holiday movie.

"You're gonna have [Betsy's] fans, my fans, the Housewives fans. And, you know, people who maybe don't even know who we are [and] love a Christmas movie [tuning in]. And they're gonna love it no matter what. So, you know, the other actors in the movie, I cannot say enough good things about them. Everybody does such an amazing job," Kyle said. "And I'm not just saying this. Otherwise, I wouldn't have mentioned that. Across the board, everybody is so good. I was so touched watching everybody. And everybody loved doing what they did so much. And it was such a feel-good set to be on, too. And it just makes for a beautiful film."

And now that the holidays are officially here and The Housewives of the North Pole is out, both Betsy and Kyle are deep in celebrating and loving every minute of it. "I love Christmastime. I host Thanksgiving with a group of friends and families at my house every year. And as soon as dinner is over, even before any plates are cleared, once the meal is finished, I give everyone matching Christmas pajamas," Betsy said. "And I blast Christmas music. And I'm like, it is full-court press to December 25. And so, I'm into it. And I'm even more so this year because last year was a different kind of Christmas. So, I'm gonna have this movie just on a loop in my house. Like, music, eggnog, all of it."

Kyle is similarly in the holiday spirit. "I've also had my tree up since before Thanksgiving. I have my friends and my family for Thanksgiving. But for me, Thanksgiving is amazing. Because it's like Christmas without having to buy all the gifts for everybody. It's great," she said. "We have all the Christmas music going and all that. So, you know, we get an extra Christmas. And we also celebrate Hanukkah. I will celebrate any holiday. I love a holiday."

Us, too. And you can now officially get into the holiday spirit as well. The Housewives of the North Pole is streaming on Peacock.

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