Kyle Richards Reflects on 'Down-to-Earth' Childhood

Kyle Richards Reflects on 'Down-to-Earth' Childhood

The RHOBH star even cleaned her own room.

By Lauren Metz

Sure, Kyle Richards is a born and bred Beverly Hills girl, but don't mistake that for meaning she was raised with a Tiffany's silver spoon in her mouth.

"Because I was a child actress, I had a different experience than most who grew up in Beverly Hills. I was going to the set every day in Simi Valley and riding horses on the set of Little House on the Prairie and catching tadpoles in the stream. It gave me a glimpse into a different world, which I really appreciate now looking back as an adult," the RHOBH star tells Parade. "In Beverly Hills, everybody is very privileged and has help and drivers, so it was a nice break from that."

Even today, Kyle's still a no-nannies kind of girl. "It was always very important to my mom that we were down to earth. She made us clean our own rooms and wash our own cars. That's how I was raised and that's how I want my daughters to be raised," explains Mrs. Umansky. "I don't want someone else driving my children to school. I want to be there with them in the car having those conversations."

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