Kyra Sedgwick Dishes on Her Sex Life

Kyra Sedgwick Dishes on Her Sex Life

The actress reveals she and Kevin Bacon "have their ways" of keeping 25-year relationship hot.

By Chelsea Brady

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon have been a married power couple for 25 years as of this coming September. So how do they keep their intimate life passionate? Last night on Watch What Happens Live a call-in viewer paraphrased Bacon's philosophy—"Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty"—and asked Sedgwick if she abides by it.

"First of all, I think it's a great credo," the actress says, adding that the pair has their ways of keeping their relationship sizzling—two-plus-decades in.

But, she laughs, "It's not always hot, you know. Sometimes it's just getting it done."

Joking, she opened up about the frequency of their sex life. "Once a week, whether we need it or not," before clarifying, "I'd say a couple of times a week. Sometimes you just gotta do it because it's something that's a physical requirement."

Watch Kyra Sedgwick dish on her sex life with Kevin Bacon and tell us in the comments: are Sedgwick and Bacon the hottest couple in Hollywood?

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