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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Does Caroline Stanbury Think Julie Montagu Is Trying to be the New Queen Bee?

 "You draw a line in the sand with me, I'm gonna go for it with you," she said of their #LadiesOfLondon drama.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Is Julie Montagu the New Queen Bee?

Caroline Stanbury is used to calling the shots among her Ladies of London squad members, but there may be a new Queen Bee in Londontown. Julie Montagu embraced her new role as Lady of the Manor and laid down some house rules when her friends came to visit her family's English estate, Mapperton, in Tuesday night's new episode. 

So does Caroline think Julie is trying to become the new Queen Bee this season? "I don't think you can orchestrate a title like that. If Julie wants my title, take it. I didn't set out to be Queen Bee. That's something that's been given to me by the viewer and [with] my personality. You can't say that I'm going to be this person," Caroline told The Daily Dish in advance of the episode (clip above). "I'm sure someone will knock me off my perch. Do I think it's gonna be Julie? No." 

But Juliet Angus is calling BS on that one. "It's funny. You are Queen Bee," she told Caroline during their conversation with The Daily Dish. "And you do have a title, by the way. It's f***ing Queen Bee. So there you go."

Caroline Stanbury is Not Going Fishing

And as you can see in the above clip, Caroline didn't decline the Queen Bee crown from Juliet, either. She also suggested that Julie isn't fit to take on the title. "Why is that such a big thing for you?" she said. "Can you imagine Julie leading these girls?"

"On a tandem bike through the fields," Juliet chimed in, not being able to resist throwing some shade at Julie's cycling hobby. 

The strange thing for Caroline and Juliet is that they were both close to Julie in the past. Caroline even encouraged Julie to be more confident in herself last season of Ladies of London. "I actually was an advocate of Julie. I actually like Julie," Caroline said. 

But Caroline said she actually thinks Julie's behavior this season may stem from a lack of self-confidence. "I actually don't even think she knows what she's doing, these passive aggressive jabs she does," Caroline explained. "I don't think she's a master manipulator; I think she just does it out of insecurity. And she pokes and she pokes."  

One thing that really bothers Caroline is that she said Julie has turned some of the other ladies against her even though she introduced them to her in the first place. "Why do you have to take them from me? Why can't we just share? Why can't we all get along?" Caroline said. "But she didn't want to do that, so she drew a line in the sand. You draw a line in the sand with me, I'm gonna go for it with you."

So what does next Tuesday night's episode of Ladies of London have in store for Caroline, Juliet, Julie, and the rest of the gang? Check out a sneak peek, below.

The Ladies of London Are Going Fishing
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