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Lala Reveals Why She "Can't Move Past" Her Latest Fight with Kristen: "Completely Inappropriate"

"Where I'm at in my life right now, I just really need a positive incubated life," Lala explained.

By Cydney Contreras

Kristen Doute has definitely grown up, but has she matured? Well, if you were to ask the cast of Vanderpump Rules and The Valley, they'd have to say no. 

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"I'm not going to lie. Like, even if we were cool right now, I'm not going to lie — you're the same person but you're also like, in your 40s now so it kind of is worse. Like, there's no evolution and you're also old now," Lala Kent said in the Vanderpump Rules After Show.

Brittany Cartwright, who appears alongside Kristen on The Valley, is not currently at odds with Kristen but admitted that she has not seen the empath that Kristen has proclaimed herself to be.

"She definitely didn't seem like she grew that much when we were filming. I hate to say that," Brittany admitted. 

Why isn't Lala Kent friends with Kristen Doute?

But Kristen has even rubbed people the wrong way off-camera, with Lala revealing that she's not speaking to the Vanderpump Rules alum over a video in which Kristen appeared to be laughing at negative comments someone made about Lala as a mother. 

"From my point of view in this footage, Kristen was leaning back, like snickering at what this girl was saying about me as a mom. And I just could not move past that because I've opened up to Kristen about what I deal with with my ex on like a real level. Like, not this stuff that I talk about in public," Lala explained. "So I just thought it was completely inappropriate of her to laugh."

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In response, Lala said that Kristen sent her a "big, long text," but she's not ready to forgive her just yet.

"Not saying we're never going to be homies again because I get over things. Just where I'm at in my life right now, I just really need a positive incubated life," Lala explained.

Split of Lala Kent at Bravocon 2023 and Kristen Doute at Watch What Happens Live

Jax Taylor Defends Kristen Doute — Sort Of

Jax Taylor, a longtime friend of Kristen's, has a more nuanced perspective on Kristen's personal journey, admitting that the former waitress has grown up but it takes effort on her part. 

"I think who she is is always going to be there but she has to work really hard to be the person that she's trying to be," said Jax. "'Cause she can slip back real easy into the old Doute."

Tom Sandoval, who once dated Doute, would have to agree with Jax.

"She has a talent for not making a not-so-great situation bad to worse," he said. "I've never seen anything like it. It's like the person who kind of backs up and knocks something over that knocks something else over that burns the whole building down."

Kristen Doute wearing a dress in front of a purple backdrop.

But Kristen's boyfriend Luke Broderick — who Lala dubbed a "serial-killer looking boyfriend" — gave her credit for her efforts to improve herself in the past few years, pointing out that she "does go to therapy." He added that people saw a bad side of Kristen in The Valley because she saw a different side of the others on the show and it threw her "off-balance."

"She didn't know how to navigate some things," he said.

Her reaction to certain events ultimately led to some heated exchanges throughout the show, leaving her at odds with others in their friend group. And judging by what went down, Jesse Lally said, "I think she has gotten way worse."

"If she's changed for the better, I'm glad I wasn't around her 10 years ago because I don't know what that would've been like," Jason Caperna added.

Kristen Doute says she has "different priorities" than others on The Valley

But what does Kristen have to say?

"Guys, I'm just like Season 1, but I have Botox, better teeth, and I have a makeup artist now — just kidding," she said. "I mean, how haven't I evolved?"

Jokes aside, Kristen pointed out that everyone on the show has grown up in their own respective ways, and her journey just looks a bit different from others. 

"Most of us I think have changed in really positive ways. And we’ve also learned to sort of dump the baggage that is no longer with us. And I just, I’m older and I have different priorities. And I think that’s pretty clear and obvious," she explained.

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