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The Daily Dish Southern Charm

Landon Clements Says She's Still Close to Her Stepdaughter: "You Don't Divorce Children"

Find out how seriously the #SouthernCharm pal takes her role as stepmom.

By Jocelyn Vena
Landon Clements Talks About Being a Stepmother

While viewers of Southern Charm are more familiar with Landon Clements as the fun-loving, jet-setting, single gal we see living her life out loud in Charleston, there is another side of her. Before joining the series, Landon was a wife and stepmother in Los Angeles. And while the marriage didn't work out, she remains close to her ex's daughter even while navigating her career, which she says is basically like her child these days.

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"Oh totally it, for sure, is. But I also have a 14-year-old stepdaughter and that's a lot of the reason why I've been back in California so to be able to spend more time with her now that she's out of school. So this whole 'I don't understand kids or what it is to be a mom,' like, I've had a child since I was 24 years old," she told the Daily Dish. "I mean Lola was 3 when I started dating my ex and she just turned 14 last week. So I've sort of raised a child. I know what it is. I was the girl scout leader when she was in kindergarten and you know did all of this stuff. I love it. I have two nieces. I come from a really big family, so that's just very natural to me."

When Landon joined the Southern Charm crew in Season 2, she was fresh off her separation from her husband. But she notes that "you don't divorce children," which is why she remains close to the teen. Still, she knows that that's not always the case for all exes. "That's probably because it's too hard for them to deal with. You've got to be there for the kids," she said. "Who cares about the adults? You go work on yourself. This is a child."

So, does Lola watch the show? Yes, much to Landon's dismay. "Well I almost died when I found out she was watching the show. I was so furious. I was like, 'No... [These are] the subject matters that we are not dealing with yet.' But then I was like, 'You're a teenager and you are dealing with stuff.' And that's me being naive and [thinking], 'Don't watch this and we don't have to deal with [it].' I don't want to be that kind of mom. No offense to my mom, but my mom was that mom, just blinders on everything. She's not lucky that we were good kids, she made us good kids. The worst thing we were doing was drinking beers in the bushes. Like, who didn't [laughs]? I just want my stepdaughter to know that anything she wants, I'm there."

Landon Opens Up About Her Divorce

Landon notes that her own childhood is very different from Lola's. "I think also that comes a lot with growing up in the south and you just don't talk about things. I never had a birds and the bees discussion, any of that kind of stuff. So she has grown up in L.A. and is very, very different from my upbringing."

In addition to her stepdaughter, Landon also remains close to her ex's family on a bigger scale. "So her family, they're British, English, and that was part of the charm when I first got together with my ex. I'm still so close to his sister and his mom," she said. "And I was in London for Thanksgiving and saw all of them. Just because, maybe, you're not on the same track romantically, that doesn't mean you have to divorce and leave the whole family. But I understand when people do that too, so it's really hard."

Check out throwback pics of Landon, below.

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