LeeAnne Locken on Her Flesh-Eating Bacteria: “This Disease Almost Killed Me"

LeeAnne Locken on Her Flesh-Eating Bacteria: “This Disease Almost Killed Me"

The Real Housewives of Dallas charity queen details her horrific health struggle.

By Laura Rosenfeld

LeeAnne Locken received some frightening news in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Her doctor diagnosed her with necrosis, or a flesh-eating bacteria, after she underwent surgery on her breasts earlier this season. 

The RHOD charity queen recently told ET that she's "still not fully recovered" from the illness now more than a year after her surgery took place. “It took three months to actually stop the disease from eating my skin, for the necrosis to stop," she said. "It took probably seven months before some of my organs even began to function normally.” 

And yes, having a flesh-eating bacteria is just as horrific as you think it's going to be. “There were days where I would sleep 18 hours a day,” she said. “This disease almost killed me. There were holes in my body. There was a morning where I showered and I could see a blue stitch [from my surgery], and then three hours later, when I was at the doctor, the disease had eaten the entire stitch.”

LeeAnne said that going through these health struggles may have been a contributing factor to some of her more fiery moments this season, such as breaking that glass of wine at Brandi Redmond's White Party during Monday night's episode of RHOD (clip above). “When you’re sick and tired, there is zero patience. I had zero patience. And when people wouldn’t stay focused, I was like, ‘We gonna focus now,’" she explained. "But watching it back, I wish that I had not been sick, so that I would’ve had a little more patience and a little more, um … elegance.” 

In fact, LeeAnne said in her latest Bravotv.com blog that she regretted not taking it easy during the girls' trip to Mexico, which took place shortly after her surgery. "Walking back into the doctor’s office that morning, I was completely void of energy. I was in a constant state of exhaustion, where even the smallest task (like walking to the bathroom) would do me in. When the doctor delivered the diagnosis, my heart fell into my stomach. I was overcome with feelings of anger for not taking better care of myself while I was in Mexico and fear of not being able to kill the fast-spreading disease in time to save my breasts," she wrote. "Everyone I know who has survived this disease has been hospitalized for a minimum of 3 months. I just kept thinking, 'I don’t have time for this,' when I should have been more concerned with my actual health."

Check out a preview of Monday's all-new RHOD at 10/9c, below.

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