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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

How to Have a Smashing London Fashion Week, According to Juliet Angus

The #LadiesOfLondon fashionista knows how to make the most of this stylish event.

By Laura Rosenfeld

London Fashion Week is here once again, so naturally we had to get the deets on this season's shows from Ladies of London's Juliet Angus. Not only do we love to look at Juliet's smart, sassy, and sophisticated outfits in each episode of Ladies of London, but she's also worked in the fashion industry for years as a stylist. Follow her style-filled adventures on her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog or on Instagram, and you're sure to feel all kinds of envy.

Who knows how London Fashion Week will inspire Juliet next? The Daily Dish caught up with the style guru before London Fashion Week to get the lowdown on this month's events, what she'll be wearing, and the key to taking the ultimate Fashion Week selfie.

What do you have planned for London Fashion Week?

Juliet Angus: I'll be going to a lot of shows. It's super exciting because I've made great relationships with some of these amazing British designers, and it's so nice to be there to see the amazing collections that they've been working on. There's nothing quite like being there, seeing the way the clothes move, the models, the music. It's like being at a rock concert and doing 10 different ones in one day. I think London Fashion Week may just be my favorite time of year in London. The city is buzzing, and fashion is on everybody's lips and mind.

I'm actually going to Sun Valley [in Idaho] and then flying back to come in for London Fashion Week. There's a lot of parties in addition to the shows. There's a bloggers party on Sunday night and then Miu Miu is doing a pop-up lounge where you can check in, get refreshed, hang out, see all the Miu Miu clothes in between... And I'll be doing fun dinners with friends during those couple days who love fashion just as much as I do, and we can talk all night saying, "Oh my, did you see what Erdem sent down the runway today?!" 

It seems like it'd be a great opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while too since everyone in the fashion industry gathers there.

Yes, it is so fun to see friends and former colleagues from L.A. and New York [when she worked in PR in the U.S.]. It is a very fun, familiar, little traveling circus because we all just pop up in the same places at certain times of the year.

What are some of the shows that you'll be going to this London Fashion Week?

Mary Katrantzou, Erdem, David Koma, Peter Pilotto, J.W.Anderson, Roksanda, OSMAN, Preen, Mother of Pearl, Belstaff, and Pringle of Scotland.

Good Morning London Fashion Week #thelondonstylist

A photo posted by J U L I E T A N G U S (@julietangus) on

Whose show are you most excited to see?

I'm always excited to see Mary Katrantzou. For some reason, she is always pushing the envelope and just innovative with her designs and texture and print. It's super exciting to see what she's gonna do.

Are you styling anyone for London Fashion Week?

I'm not. Myself is enough of project right now as I'm headed skiing with the kids (for their first time) to Sun Valley, Idaho just before LFW kicks off. All I have on my mind is snow suits and mitten warmers. My kids still don't have snow shoes this winter as it rarely ever snows in London. Literally, getting them all organized with ski gear has been all that's on my mind the last couple days. I come back from my ski vacation on Saturday and land straight into London Fashion Week. I guess while I'm on the chairlift skiing I'll be planning my looks for the shows out in my mind.

There are tons of photographers during Fashion Week, so what do you do to make sure you always look amazing, whether you're in the front row of a runway show or on the street?

Well, I never put on anything that's not comfortable. Maybe a pair of tight jeans, but that's only because it's helping me work on my core, so it's kind of like exercise. But I wear clothes that feel good to me and have a little bit of edge. Some people during London Fashion Week try to go overboard so that they're noticed, and their outfits are crazy and loud. I like to go on trend, but never go away from my true personality and my style.

Lately, I've been going a lot more minimal. I've been trying to dress a little bit less crazy, I guess. I used to be the queen of print on print, and now I think I've evolved. A little bit sleeker. Maybe it is because I'm getting older. Print on print is one thing when you're in your 30s. (I am still in my 30s, by the way.) But I don't know. I feel like I'm getting a little bit more sleek and sophisticated and more tonal. I'm wearing a lot more tones, just going back to the basics of my wardrobe. I think I went a little too crazy for a little bit, and I was experimenting. I think fashion is always an evolution. I think that people change and just [the] influence [of] where you are in your life and now my kids are older. I'm getting older. I've been in London for five years. Environment, people, it all influences the way you feel. So right now, I feel like I'm dressing a little bit more mature, dare I say it?

You never know. You might go back into the more over-the-top, experimental-type fashion.

I will never stop taking risks in fashion, that's the most thrilling and electrifying part of the industry.

How does London Fashion Week compare to New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, or other Fashion Weeks around the world that you've been to?

I think it's just younger, and it's more cutting edge. It started in the '80s with grunge, early '90s with grunge. The designers here are fearless, and I don't think that they conform, and I think they take risks. Obviously, I have so many designers that I love that present in Paris and New York. Isabel Marant and David Koma, who I love and adore who does Mugler now, happens in Paris [David Koma is presenting at London Fashion Week this month as well]. But I think a lot of energy, buzz, and the inspiration for a lot of stuff comes from London.

As a stylist, when you're attending a runway show, are you looking for outfits that you can style your clients in or are you just going for fun?

I'm just watching things that really catch my eye. Being a personal stylist is so individual that you can look at something for somebody, but it's after you take it all in and you see it all that you go, "Oh, God, that would be amazing for that person." I mean, I know what I want right away, but you always need to see what something looks like on somebody else. I'm always snapping things that I like, not thinking about anybody in particular, but just the things that catch my eye and are special.

What, in your opinion, makes for an exceptional runway show?

I guess something different. Innovation. A designer you sense that fearlessness in. I think when you walk away and you go, "Wow. Wow." And that happens. Some seasons are great for particular designers, and other seasons can be stronger for another. You just know when you walk out of a show, and you go, "Wow," that it was special.

Laughs running around town during fashion week with this one @carolinestanbury #lfwAW16 #ladiesoflondon #thelondonstylist

A photo posted by J U L I E T A N G U S (@julietangus) on

Are you doing anything special on your blog for London Fashion Week?

Well, I just shot new pictures today. I'm constantly shooting pictures. My photographer may meet me during London Fashion Week to snap my pictures so I have my outfits on point. The thing is I don't do anything during London Fashion Week except Instagram, [and it] is hard to keep up with because there's so much going on. In between shows you don't really have a minute. If you want to keep up with London Fashion Week and what's going on, my Instagram is always the easiest place for people to check in.

What are your tips for taking amazing Instagram photos of what you're wearing?

So you're asking me to give away my secrets? Yes, I'm not so sure about that. No, I'm just kidding. Good light and sharpen. Good quality. Make sure your lens is clean. I like to brighten my pictures. I like color, so I do use filters.

Who are some of your celebrity style icons?

Talitha Getty and Jane Birkin, they were effortless and had originality. With my fashion, there are different sides to my expression in it — there is a strong influence of the '70s hippie, free spirit, boho chic girl who wants to fling her bra off at any second and burn it. And my mom. She was a very, very stylish woman in the '80s and '90s — I have so much of her clothes from thenMy first fashion experiences were playing in her closet.

Who do you look to for style inspiration among contemporary celebrities?

It's interesting that you're asking me this question because working with stylists who create looks, I know that yes, there's personal style, but so many of the looks that are created on the red carpet are people with teams and stylists behind them, so I guess it's more not what style but whose vibe do I really seem to be liking these days. I am loving Victoria Beckham and her slight masculine edge of late, when she walks out the door - there isn't a time that she doesn't look sleek and super chic.

Is there a style trend that you're loving right now?

Frayed-bottom jeans, off-the-shoulder tops, Perspex heeled boots (I had a pair of Prada ones I wore back in 1999 — what happened to them?). Maybe that's just what I should wear for London Fashion Week: frayed-bottom jeans by C-3, an off-the-shoulder top by Ellery, and the Dior Perspex clear plastic heeled boots.

Ready for @davidkomalondon #lfw #davidkoma #thelondonstylist | #liketkit

A photo posted by J U L I E T A N G U S (@julietangus) on

And what about trends that you just can't stand right now?

The easy answer would be to say mom jeans, but I can't because I'm obsessed with mine. I just got two pairs, and I can't stop wearing them. And they're so Cindy Crawford back in the day. I don't know. I'm not hating anything.

What are your tips for surviving the craziness of London Fashion Week?

Make sure your phone is charged or have a Mophie, a backup charger. Everybody's batteries are always dying. Don't wear shoes for the first time. Wear comfortable heels, always. Be prepared for any weather. Check the weather forecast of the day. That's another one, because here it could be raining, you never know.

Take a peek inside Juliet's closet, below.

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