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Loose Lips Sink Ships?

All-aboard the S.S. Talk Bubble where NYC Housewife fans had plenty to say about the bickering on the battleship and LuAnn's song.

Musical numbers, fancy yachts, cat fights -- with so much to gawk at in this week's new episode, it's no wonder that fans who joined the Talk Bubble posted plenty of pithy comments on Facebook and Twitter.

After Ramona lead her Housewife friends (noticeably minus Jill) to sunny St. John for a bachelorette party before the upcoming renewal of vows with Mario, they were quickly whisked to their prime luxury yacht and Kelly gave Talk Bubblers plenty to comment on when she called her shipmates "demented" and made an awkward exit through the ship’s sliding glass doors. @Ninjakar summed it best when she said, "Good grief, I think I'd rather be locked in a room with my ex husband than go anywhere near that boat."

In fact, Kelly sparked many a conversation with her shipboard battles. After denying she had ever gotten down in a one-night stand, Kelly's claws came out and so did the word "ho-bag," directed at the pregnant Bethenny. This prompted @frufru72 to deadpan, "I think Kelly went up the hill w/ Jill to fetch a pail of crazy." Still, many Talk Bubblers thought things could have been worse, like @Mizz_Juana, who said she was “so glad that the mean girls Jill and Luann didn’t go on the boat!”

Meanwhile, landlocked housewife, Countess LuAnn got the Talk Bubble roaring when she hit the recording studio to lay down her new track "Money Can't Buy You Class." @RachieGirl926 wasn't a big fan, asking "Where is Simon Cowell to insult someone when you need him?!". But not everyone was so harsh. "I cannot stop singing 'Money Can't Buy You Class' right now!" admitted Talk Bubble tweeter @sarasponda; @Jcdspeedy had an even more glowing review, "The countess inspires me to follow my dream." Those in the middle agreed that it's a catchy tune but needed as @lesleyabravanel suggested "more cowbell."

Later, LuAnn made things a little awkward for fans when she went on a date with her new suitor Court. Posting from Facebook, Dawn Coignet-Saulny opined, "Those kisses were too damn loud. Can softer kisses be learned, MY FRIEND???" LuAnn, though, seemed to like him and there was even talk of future trips to the Hamptons or better yet, to her house for "tennis." Even so, most of the Bubble disapproved. "Eww, I think I could smell his breath!", quoth Facebooker Bernice Cisneros.

Back on the boat, the girls had cooled off with a snorkel and were making their way through what must have been their third box of Pinot Grigio. Ready to let loose and go yacht-hopping, Romona and Alex went next door to hang out with the owner of Hooters and his gaggle of girls. Talk Bubble tweeters went wild for Ramona as she proved herself to be quite the fun drunk. @jamies09 told @ramonasinger, “My mom and I loved the part where you got in the guy’s face and said you were hot for Mario. We died laughing! Hilarious!”

@deiffler summed up what thousands were thinking when she said “@Ramonasinger is soooooo drunk! Love it!,” and @jillejo gave everyone a laugh with “Wow that’s a lot of alcohol batman!”

Next week, be sure to join the girls and a couple thousand of their best friends on the Talk Bubble where the yacht-cation never stops.

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