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The Daily Dish Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Madison Hildebrand Reveals What It's Like to Find a Naked Intruder In Your House

The #MDLLA agent breaks down the incident that left him with "panic, disgust and fear."

By Jocelyn Vena
Madison and the Brits Fight for a Listing

Madison Hildebrand lived most people's worst fears when, earlier this month, he was alerted to the fact that someone had broken into his home in West Hollywood. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent learned about the break-in from an alert on his phone -- and when he checked out the footage of the intruder, he was shocked by what he saw.

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"[I felt] panic, disgust and fear. It’s not every day you get a notification on your phone alerting you there is an intruder, naked nonetheless, in your home," he shared with The Daily Dish via email. The intruder didn't just break into the residence and strip down, he also made himself quite comfortable while there.

"Well, first he was in the guest house, where he made himself at home and showered. It wasn’t until he crossed the property to the main house 'naked' and broke through the window that the security system alerted me someone was in the house," Madison shared about the incident, which was first reported by TMZ and Inside Edition. "He was in the main house for just 4 minutes before I called 911, and minutes later the West Hollywood police were on site (who are absolutely amazing), but that did not stop him from running and hiding into the guest house, and into the attic. There is nothing up there except fiberglass, so no, he did not take anything."

Madison notes that "other than my sense of security" the perpetrator walked away with nothing else, and he was captured by authorities on the scene of the crime. "I was on the phone with dispatch and the police while watching the action on my second cell phone via my security cameras. I gave the police the codes to the lock box to enter my home and the keypad locks on the bedroom doors, in case he was hiding in there. The police almost called off the search after 30 minutes, but the pile of clothing left in the guest house was a giveaway that he was indeed still in the house," he said. "The officer’s concentrated efforts and my cooperation was what ultimately led the intruder to being found and arrested."

In fact, Madison hadn't even owned the home for very long when the incident occurred. "I purchased this property approximately a month ago, with the intentions of flipping it, so I haven’t spent much time in the neighborhood. That said, I have no idea who he is. I’ve never seen him and don’t know his story," he said. "The most unsettling part of the experience would probably be the realization that no matter how many precautionary steps one may take to protect oneself, if somebody really wants to, it is pretty hard to prevent it."

Madison has since decided to up the security system at his home. "Since the incident I have added additional security cameras, signage and security fencing. I will not be at that property without my two 90 pound Doberman guard dogs," he said. "First, I am human and the world is a crazy place. Second, since I have been in the public eye for over 10 years (and had a few other very scary [incidents] in the past) is why I’ve taken extra measures to ensure my safety, especially at my own home."

The suspect has pled not guilty to charges in connection with the crime and Madison will face him in court this week. "I am praying that the judge does not let him out on bail," Madison said. "Otherwise I will be very fearful for myself and the residents of West Hollywood."

As a realtor and home owner Madison has come face-to-face with some crazy things over the years ("A 5’ rattlesnake, sunbathing on the back lawn of my listing whom wouldn’t move before the clients arrived. I still sold the house"), and as someone who works in the real estate industry, something of this nature is always a possibility.

"Obviously it’s always something that’s in the back of my mind, but no one ever thinks it'll happen to them. I’ve actually had other scary [incidents] where properties have been robbed in broad daylight which goes to show the importance of locking your doors and having modern security systems. I actually had a landlord who let himself into my house, without my permission, while I was renting in West Hollywood (I was finishing up my Malibu remodel), and it turns out he was a crazy fan who did some pretty nasty things with his body parts on my furniture and belongings (also caught on a hidden security camera which notified me immediately)," he said. "Goes to show you really can’t trust anyone, and must remain vigilant."

-Additional reporting by Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Check out photos of Madison, below.

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