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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret Josephs Explains Her "If You Can't Take the Truth, Sue Me" Season 10 Tagline

The RHONJ entrepreneur also addresses life at Macbeth Collection after Marge Sr.'s exit.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Leave it to Margaret Josephs to use her Real Housewives tagline to shut everyone down. For Season 10, the Macbeth Collection entrepreneur went for it for her tagline: "If you can't take the truth, sue me." So, why was that the one that ended up making the final cut?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey fashionista told The Daily Dish, with a laugh,"You know I happen to love Dolores' tagline ['Behind every strong man, is a stronger Jersey girl'] but my tagline, listen, it's a little snarky the way I am. But the truth is I've had a lot of lawsuits in my business and people don't always like what I have to say, so I combined the two: 'You can't take the truth, sue me.'"

She continued, "You know what? It is what it is. It epitomizes my life and I'm not just gonna sit there. I don't bury any of the nonsense. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I tell my story. I don't make up s--t, so I think it's funny. I think it fits me, so, sue me. You have already, what's the difference? I owe my lawyer more money than I owe on my mortgage."

All jokes aside, Margaret is quite serious about her brand and her Macbeth Collection, which she started two decades ago as "a capsule collection of home accessories" and now "the company has since grown into a global lifestyle brand," according to the website. Fans have not only gotten to watch Margaret interact with her crew on RHONJ over the last few seasons, but have also seen her in boss mode. This year marks a landmark 20 years on the market making people's lives a little more glam.

Here Is Literally Everything You Need to Know About Margaret Josephs

"When I started my business, I had no idea that it would blow up into the large-size business that it is and that I'd be in business for 20 years. I'm thrilled. I can't believe it," she said in her interview with The Daily Dish. "When I recap everything that I've been through, I started at my kitchen table, it took off like a house on fire. I did amazing for many years, and, you know, when you do fabulous people want to take you down. I got hit with horrible lawsuits. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. We're doing great. I'm very lucky. No, I cannot believe I'm in business for 20 years. I can't believe I'm that f--king old, but super happy about it. I'm very supportive of women. I'm very entrepreneurial. I try and mentor other entrepreneurs and it's great. And it just makes me realize I can really survive anything and I just keep looking ahead and I don't look back. And I always say the comeback's much better than the setback."

And after 20 years, there has been a major shake-up at Macbeth Collection. Margaret's mom, Marge Sr., has walked away from her job with the company as a bookkeeper — to go and work for someone else(!) in a similar role (clip below).

"Well, Marge Sr.'s 73, the woman has goals. Life goals at 73, very important. But I will say that's what I have to give her credit for, and that's where I get it from: The woman's got hustle," Margaret explained. "And it's important to always have game or whatever it is. Why she wants to dump me is a whole other story, but she wanted to work in the city and enjoy herself. And she realizes life is short and I give her a lot of credit."

Where Is Marge Sr.?!

Margaret continued: "She's 73, commutes to the city every single day, lives it up, stays up much later than me. [She] is always at an event. Sometimes I think she's insane, but you get to see that story. Do I feel a little abandoned? Sometimes! But I'm happy she's enjoying herself."

And with Marge Sr. less focused on Margaret, there has been a shift in their relationship.

"It's changed our dynamic. Sometimes I get frustrated with her because she's like, "Oh, I thought I told you I'm doing this. Oh, I'll be in the Hamptons. Oh, I'm going here.' I'm like, Ma, where are you?' She only works for me one day a week, if she shows up," Margaret said. "I mean she doesn't even run to Costco for me anymore. That was her duty to do all the big shopping at Costco. I'm always out of s--t. She doesn't pay my bills on time. I'm like 'Ma!' But the people in her [new] office she jumps like a trained circus pony. Dumped me, kicked me to the curb... I have to threaten her [to do things for me like go to Costco] — and then she goes and does it. Things are rough at Macbeth headquarters."

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Find out what else Margaret will be up to this season, below.

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