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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Was Marissa Hermer Surprised to See Her Husband Cry on Ladies of London?

"He's very in touch with his emotions," the #LadiesOfLondon mom shared.

By Laura Rosenfeld
"The Secret" Is Out About Marissa Hermer's Husband

Marissa Hermer still tears up thinking about when her husband, Matt Hermer, cried upon learning that she and their newborn daughter, Sadie, were doing just fine after she gave birth this season of Ladies of London. "Watching these episodes back, some of them are very emotional, obviously. It was emotional for me when I was going through that. It was also emotional going back, because I was under general anesthetic when Matt heard the news that I was gonna be OK and Sadie was gonna be OK. I'm just gonna cry thinking about it, because it was hard for me not being able to be there for him because I knew it was really hard on him too," Marissa recently told The Daily Dish. "And to see him go through his own emotions was, I was just glad I was OK. And clearly, he was too."

So yes, Matt is man enough to shed some tears every once in a while. "What you see with Matt is how he is," Marissa said. "He's very in touch with his emotions. He communicates how he's feeling."

But Marissa said that Matt wasn't always like this. "The Brits don't do this. I mean, you see Caroline Stanbury, and she's like, 'I don't cry, we don't hug, we don't touch.' And that's actually very much the British way," she explained. "And when I first met Matt, there was a bit of emotion in him, but also, I was like, 'I'm from Southern California. We talk about our feelings. So if this is gonna work, you have to communicate everything.' And he did. And he learned how to do that. Now he's like warm and fuzzy and cuddly and tells me all the time how he's feeling."

Matt Hermer Cries as he Finds Out Marissa and Baby Are Okay

Marissa said she wasn't surprised by how much Ladies of London fans loved seeing Matt wear his heart on his sleeve — and just love her hubby in general. "The fans love my husband. I mean, he has so much love on Twitter and Facebook and all the social media platforms. When he walks down the street in America, people are like, 'I love you. You're amazing. You're the dream husband,'" Marissa gushed. "And I'm not surprised, because he is. I got really lucky with him. He is incredibly supportive and wonderful, and people can see that. His friends and family see that. We all see that. That's why I married him. But now the world knows that it's no secret. He's a great guy." 

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