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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Marissa Hermer Shares Update on Her Baby Joy!

Exclusive: The 'Ladies of London' star talks about welcoming her second son.


On last night's episode of Ladies of London, we bid adieu to our fair friends across the pond. And eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed some surprising news during the credits: Marissa Hermer welcomed another child with her husband Matt after filming for the show had wrapped.

So what's life like now that she's a mother of two? We checked in with Marissa to talk about new second son Jake (pictured above). Here's what she wrote us:

Well, having a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old is certainly a circus act, but it is a juggle we feel very blessed to be doing.

Max adores his little brother 'baby Jake' - and now that Jake is giggling, Max's favourite game is to make Jake laugh (hours of entertainment for the whole family actually).

People have often said to me that the second baby is easier than the first because at least I know what I'm doing... And yes, though I've done some things before, I seem to have forgotten everything - and also the juggle of a newborn and a toddler (and a husband and a social life and work) is completely new.

I do feel very lucky that as a working mom, I work for the family business and so Jake just comes along with me to my meetings and for now, he is just tucked into me and sleeps most of the time. When he starts wanting to wiggle around more, he might not be as good meeting partner, but for now, who doesn't love a newborn at a meeting?! (well... If he isn't fussing...)


That newborn tunnel of sleepless nights is something that we are JUST getting out of - I had forgotten how sleep deprivation really does handicap me - but also was reminded about how amazing Mother Nature is... That after only a few hours of sleep in a night and being woken up again, I take one look at our sweet babe and am hopelessly in love. And I'll say it again, thank GOODNESS for coffee.

Jake actually looks a lot like Matt where as Max look more like me- and of course both of them have my husband's cheeky personality (goodness, I'm in for it!) - at least I can count on a family future full of giggles.

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