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Anila Sajja Shares an Update After Ms. Gomez's Departure (UPDATED)

The Married to Medicine cast member gives an update on her family's relationship with their former nanny.

By Laura Rosenfeld

UPDATE (September 28, 2:10 P.M.): Surprise ... with a side of spoiler alert!

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In a first look at the upcoming October 2 episode of Married to Medicine, wait for it...  Ms. Gomez returns, much to the delight of the entire Sajja family. Find out why the beloved member of their family is back by checking out the full show preview, above.

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Anila Sajja received some surprising news in the July 17 episode of Married to Medicine.

The Sajja family's longtime nanny, Ms. Gomez, informed Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja, that she would be leaving and moving to Houston to be with her family. "You know that I have my house over there, I have [a] grandchild, I have family," Ms. Gomez told Anila and Dr. Kiran. "It's time for me to go back."

Anila and Dr. Kiran implored Ms. Gomez to stay since she has been a part of their family for so long, including before their 4-year-old son, Avir, was even born. "I love you two. I love your kids," Ms. Gomez told the Sajjas. "But I need to be close to my family."

Anila expressed her shock over Ms. Gomez's decision to move to Houston in an interview during the episode. "I'm totally feeling blindsided. I did not see this coming," she shared. "I don't know how I'm gonna manage. I mean, do I just stop blogging? I don't know."

Earlier in this episode of Married to Medicine, viewers witnessed a hectic morning in the Sajja household as Anila and Dr. Kiran's children, Avir and Aryana, 6, got ready for school. "I am sweating bullets every day trying to get them up on time, make sure they have all their stuff, pack their lunches, get them in the car, and take them to school," Anila said in an interview in the episode. "It's a full-time job before 10 a.m., and I haven't even started my own job."

This all comes as Anila's career as a blogger and influencer reaches new heights, as she explained on Married to Medicine. "Over the past year, my blogging is blowing up. At this point, I have 80,000 followers. I dedicate 40 to 60 hours a week. I get shipments in weekly, whether it's food items or clothing or beauty. I mean, I cannot even keep up with all the clients that have come my way," Anila said. "I'm definitely a little nervous about this work-life balance. But I love what I do. I really, truly enjoy it."

Anila opened up more about the impact of Ms. Gomez's departure in a post on Instagram on July 18. "My children’s 2nd grandmother abruptly leaving was a huge undertaking for us as a family. Ms. Gomez is not just a nanny for us, we have integrated as a family!" Anila wrote. "We love her and her family just as much as she loves our family!"

Though they may now be separated by a few states, the Sajja family and Ms. Gomez have made sure to stay connected. "I’m devastated [she's] leaving, my reaction was so fast [because] I didn’t expect it. It feels like my family is being torn apart," Anila shared on Instagram. "But we love and support her decisions and we (Avir, Aryana, Kiran and I) FaceTime and talk with her [every day]!"

Anila ended her Instagram post with a tease of what's coming up this season of Married to Medicine: "Buckle up because episode 3 and onward..? I’m not even prepared to rewatch it myself."

Anila, Dr. Kiran, and Ms. Gomez will break the news of Ms. Gomez's departure to Aryana and Avir in the upcoming episode of Married to Medicine. Get your first look at the July 24 episode, below.

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