Meet the Horse — Yes, Horse — Hosting Raging Parties in Switzerland

Meet the Horse — Yes, Horse — Hosting Raging Parties in Switzerland

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By Jenny Berg

In the snowy town of St. Moritz, Switzerland, there is something called the Night Turf. Held earlier this week, the trippy event featured a late-night horse race… on a frozen pond. (Let that sink in.) The event also included a spectacular light show and a village of V.I.P. tents hosting luxe dinner parties and concerts. A little cray-cray, right? But wait till you hear how one Swiss institution is celebrating the frigid affair.

The Kulm, a posh ski hotel, has erected a 9,600-pound piece of “pop-up horse art.” (Which may be our favorite phrase to date.) Created by artist Curdin Guler, the 40-foot statue will be on display until February 21. And it’s going to do a lot more than just stand there, acting all equine.

In fact, that statue is going to host parties. In its chest, a hollowed-out space holds a lounge with seating for 10. And room, we imagine, for a whole lot of "what happens in the horse" style shenanigans...)

If you’d prefer to kick back in a rather more traditional setting, here’s a bit about the The Kulm: it opened in 1856, and was the first hotel in St. Moritz. (Who knew?) Its 173 rooms are at once elegant and cozy, with plenty of real wood furniture and rich, textured fabrics. The hotel has five restaurants, including a fine-dining French spot and a charming pizzeria. It also has a nightclub called The Dracula, and a spa with an indoor pool that plays underwater music.

You're getting curiouser and curiouser, St. Moritz.

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