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Meghan King Edmonds Calls Motherhood "the Most Amazing Thing Ever"

The #RHOC mama reveals what life has been like since welcoming her daughter into the world.

By Jocelyn Vena
Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds Welcome a Baby Girl

Life completely changed for Meghan King Edmonds when daughter Aspen King Edmonds, was born on November 24, 2016. And, The Real Housewives of Orange County mom confesses that things are a a little more hectic than ever before.

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"It's been crazy, but amazing. And I've just been living it. I'm definitely sleep deprived and it's basically the experience every one's kind of told me about. It's the most amazing thing ever; you're not gonna have any sleep; your life will change; you won't have any time to yourself — but you'll love very minute of it. That's pretty much my life: eat, sleep, breastfeed. Well, not sleep. And then walk and soothe the crying baby."

Meghan is quick to point out that she and Aspen haven't quite settled into the perfect schedule just yet, but progress is being made.

"I wish she'd be on a better schedule. We're definitely working our way towards a schedule. Overall she's been a pretty easy baby. She has like a little bit of reflux, so she has a little bit of that and it bothers her, but it's all typical baby stuff. She's just an engaging baby and she's strong physically. She holds her head up. She's held her head up ever since she was born, literally. It's been really cool to see her personality develop. She started smiling at [around] six weeks old, so that's been a lot of fun."

And what's the best way to get her to grin? "Change her diaper. She loves to be clean," Meghan shared. "Jimmy is such a clean freak, so she definitely gets that from her dad." 

She also takes after her pop in other ways. "She is her dad's twin and I often ask Jimmy, 'Do you look at her and [is it] like looking in a mirror when you see the baby?'" she said. "He doesn't see it. He thinks she looks like me and we looked at some of my baby pictures and she kind of does, but overall she the spitting image of him."

Somebody's got daddy wrapped around their little finger already

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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Meghan is living proof of that motto for sure. She's been getting some help from her mom and family, as well as her hubby, in little Aspen's first few weeks of life. The family has been spending time in St. Louis where their daughter was born.

"With having my family around, that is a lifesaver," she said. "We have somebody come who is a [housekeeper] and a nanny a couple days a week. So that's been really helpful, so I can just do some stuff with my business and get out of the house and go to the grocery store and have lunch with Jimmy. And Jimmy helps, too, but we both have stuff that we want to do. I won't take the baby out of the house because whooping cough is going around in St. Louis and I'm terrified she'll get it. So I won't take her out until she gets her whooping cough shot which is at two months. So that makes it a lot of work for me and Jimmy because we constantly have to be home with her unless we have somebody home with her."


Jimmy has been splitting his time between St. Louis and California since Aspen's birth, while Meghan has remained in the St. Louis. However, she has a plan for when she'll make the trip back to the O.C. "The second [Aspen's] shots kick in I'm gonna be in California," she explained. 

For now, the new mom is just soaking in the experience of motherhood. "I think that I had realistic expectations about becoming a new mom and not the fairytale world of puppies and rainbows the second the baby arrives," she said. "You're bringing essentially a stranger into the world. I mean you know the way she moves and feels inside your body, but you don't know her personality and she doesn't know my personality, so there's a learning curve — especially in the first few weeks of getting to know each other and recognizing what her cues for hunger and being tired and dirty diaper are. I think because I had realistic expectations nothing was shattered, so I've been able to adjust day by day instead of having this [idea of this] crazy perfect world on day one."

Find out how Meghan prepped for baby Aspen, below.

How Is Meghan King Edmonds Preparing for Her Baby?
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