Megyn Kelly Knows the Truth Behind Donald Trump's Hair

Megyn Kelly Knows the Truth Behind Donald Trump's Hair

The Fox News anchor discusses the Republican presidential hopeful's most talked about feature on #WWHL. 

By Jocelyn Vena

The contentious relationship between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump began last August when the Fox News anchor moderated the first Republican presidential debate and questioned Donald's behavior towards women in the past. From there, the journalist and the GOP candidate were in a heated war of words that's been well documented. But on Tuesday, the presumptive Republican nominee will sit down with Megyn for her first-ever primetime special, Megyn Kelly Presents, airing on Fox. And when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday she weighed in on one of the biggest debates to come out of the 2016 election thus far: Is Donald's hair real?

"I would say the hair is real. I have laid hands on it personally. That is not a wig, and it's not a combover, either; I have run my fingers through it. We used to get along!" she explained. "I stuck my hands under there, I shoved my hands up in that hair and that's real." But the topics discussed on WWHL didn't just focus on Donald's appearance: Megyn also shared which of her Fox News colleagues supported her following last August's back and forth with the Republican front-runner.

"Yes, I had quite a few people contact me privately and reach out to me. And that's actually been one of the nice things about the year is how supportive I've felt, supported by my Fox colleagues," she said. When asked if fellow anchor and known feminist Greta Van Susteren reached out, she explained, "You know what? She's in the DC bureau and I'm in New York, so I don't ever see her. [I didn't hear from her] directly, no. No, I mean she's busy. Greta does a lot of things and I do a lot of things, it's fine. But, honestly, I have felt very supported. And Sean Hannity is somebody behind-the-scenes, [he] tried to cool the temperatures off when it was really riled up and he didn't have to do it. And he did, so I'm grateful to him."

Below, Megyn dishes on who she thinks Donald should pick for his VP.

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