Melissa Gorga: "Nobody is Ganging Up on Teresa"

Melissa Gorga: "Nobody is Ganging Up on Teresa"

"There were never supposed to be sides," Caroline adds.

By Lauren Metz

Before you decide your Team Teresa or Team Everyone Else allegiance this season, give Melissa Gorga a chance to hear her out.

"I hate [that] people are going to look and say 'Oh well, they're ganging up on Teresa,'" the Real Housewives of New Jersey star explains to Celebuzz about this season’s seemingly unbalanced battle lines. "If you really pay attention, nobody is ganging up on Teresa. Nobody wants to make her the victim."

Rewinding a tad, Caroline Manzo questions how the great cast divide even came about. "There were never supposed to be sides. So, why is Teresa saying, 'You are on their team now?' There were never supposed to be sides," the no-time-for-nonsense matriarch tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It was my understanding that Jacqueline and I were brought into these people's lives, now to be clear with that, we were brought into their lives by Teresa on the guise of 'fix my family.'"

Sounds promising, so what went terribly wrong? "We found out that that wasn't the case. I did very early on. And I made a decision not to play. In deciding not to play, I became the enemy," adds Caroline. "There are no sides. I thought what she wants is harmony, so why are there teams?"

This is Going to Turn into a Battle
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