Melissa Gorga Shacking Up With Snooki?

Melissa Gorga Shacking Up With Snooki?

"I'll take her in for a week," the Jersey Housewife says.

By Lauren Metz

Has Snooki found herself new roommates already? "You know, I need to tell her that she can't go to the clubs anymore if she's going to get married and have kids," Melissa Gorga tells OK! Magazine about Real Housewives of New Jersey super fan Snooki. "I'll take her in for a week, let her see how we do it in my house, and after she watches for a little while I think she'll be ready to go."

It's surprising Melissa would be so generous considering Snooki's not-so-secret Tarzan crush. "Can you believe it? She has never been shy about saying how in love she is with my husband," the "On Display" singer says. The two Jersey-ites even have history in the blog-o-sphere. "She tweets him all time. She's constantly saying that she wants her boyfriend Jionni to be just like him," Melissa adds.

So, is Snooki really ready to give up Karma nights for Guido babies? Melissa has faith in the pint-size Jersey Shore starlet. "I think it's in her. I think she's almost at that point where she's ready to switch over."

Should Melissa invite Snooki to a week at Camp Gorga? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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