Melissa Opens Up About Teresa's Confrontation

Melissa Opens Up About Teresa's Confrontation

The RHONJ star says her face-off over Hospital-gate was like "being on 'Law and Order.'"

By Megan Johnson

Teresa Giudice: interrogator extraordinaire?

On Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she had an uncomfortable interaction with Melissa Gorga and accused her estranged sister-in-law of not visiting Giudice's ailing father in the hospital in a timely manner. (Teresa claimed Melissa went four days after his pacemaker surgery; Melissa says she went to visit the day after he was admitted.)

Perhaps not surprisingly, Gorga felt blindsided by the confrontation, which took place during Gia's birthday party. And now she's opening up about the whole affair.

"I was totally caught off guard," she writes in her latest blog post. "[Teresa and Kim D] put my feet to the fire, because I couldn't remember what day I visited my father-in-law. I took the kids to Gia's birthday party, where I was put under a microscope by people I barely knew about the minute-to-minute breakdown of my whereabouts."

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Gorga goes on to compare Teresa to a master interrogator. "It was like being on Law & Order, with the cops grilling me, 'Where were you on the afternoon of the 12th?' Why couldn't we just enjoy the party."

Teresa, meanwhile, believes Melissa is manipulating the situation. "She twists everything I say or do," Teresa writes in her latest post. "And says that I do the same thing to her. I'm sure it's exhausting to watch, because it is exhausting to live. I love her, she is family, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to like her."

Even now, Gorga says watching the altercation now still makes her emotional. "I've thought a lot about all the emotions this episode brought up," she writes. "Watching it made me feel terrible." And she admits that no matter what she does to mend the situation, she believes Teresa will still have an issue with it. "[She] made it her business to find fault with whatever I did. My in-laws are Joe's parents. He's my husband. It's up to Joe to say when his wife goes to the hospital—not his estranged sister."

Watch Teresa confront Melissa below and check out a preview of next week's episode, when Teresa finally meets with her estranged brother Joe:

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