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The Daily Dish Shahs of Sunset

Mike Shouhed Reflects on His Drama with Paulina: "Everybody Has Issues in Their Relationships"

The Shahs of Sunset cast member explains how he handled the relationship woes with his girlfriend featured in Season 9.

By Jocelyn Vena
Mike Shouhed Tells the Group He Wasn't Honest

Mike Shouhed and Paulina Ben-Cohen faced some tension in their relationship during Season 9 of Shahs of Sunset. It also affected their relationships with the cast. There were alleged messages, heated texts, and gossip that culminated in Mike telling the group during the Palm Springs trip that he "partook in inappropriate text messages" with another woman, and he explained he was trying to lie about the situation in order to "save face."

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"It was a moment of weakness and I did something I shouldn't have done, and I almost lost the most important person in my life," he told the group with Paulina by his side during the May 30 episode of Shahs of Sunset. He also publicly apologized to Paulina about the incident. However, the warm feelings quickly vanished as Mike added at the end of his speech, "There's a snake in this group that's trying to ruin my relationship with Paulina."

While fans will have to wait and see what Mike has to share and what will happen next in this journey, in a recent interview with The Daily Dish, Mike reflected on those ups and downs. "Look, everybody has issues in their relationships. If they don’t then they’re not in a real relationship; one of the people are lying to each other. So, with us, there was some issues that arose. And you’ll see it’s not everything that people thought it was. And as the, as the season plays out, you’ll see what caused some of the issues in our relationship," Mike said.

Sharing this relationship with the world was not an easy choice for Mike because, as he explained, "Most reality TV show relationships don’t last because a lot of people get involved. And then you have the media and you have social media getting involved. My group, a majority of the time, are really kind and sweet. But sometimes they can be mean. I warned Paulina that she has to have thick skin. And that this is gonna be a journey that is not always gonna be pleasant. And she’s gonna have to be ready for that and she’s a very, very strong person. We have a very dynamic and loving relationship. We were going through a moment in time where I made a mistake, and I asked for her forgiveness. And thank god we overcame some of the issues that we had, and we’re in a much better place now than we’ve ever been."

While Mike is ready for the future, part of his birthday trip with the cast to Palm Springs celebrated the past, specifically 2010. "2010 Mike was a just a rock star. Push, push, push the limit. Was rebuilding and trying to find himself. Determined, eager, broken. But ambitious. And the Mike you see today is more grounded. More confident. Healed, happy, content. And a, a family man," Mike said. "I’ve become more spiritual. I’ve become more in touch with God. In my darkest moments, I turn to God and pray. And he helped me through this last mistake that I made where my life kind of took a turn in the wrong direction. And, he’s guided me. I’m a much happier person today because I feel more whole, I feel more content, I feel more love from myself and from others than I’ve ever felt. And, I’m ready to live on the righteous path of life"

Mike teased that, despite the drama, Season 9 still felt lighter to film than the season prior of Shahs of Sunset. "With the world kind of flipped upside down with COVID around us, it was like an epiphany, [we had] a newfound love for each other," he explained. "Because we realized how it feels to be quarantined and not to be able to see each other and not be certain of what’s happening. So, although we had our trials and tribulations with each other, I think we led with love and compassion instead of drama and anger. And I think that’s what you’re gonna see this season. There are issues that come up in the group. And we try to handle it in the nicest way possible. But, you know, sometimes when you put a group of, of Iranians together, tempers will flair."

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Mike and Paulina have also been posting some recent Instagrams that give fans a look at their life and romance today.

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