MJ Steps Out With Internet Sensation the Fat Jewish!

MJ Steps Out With Internet Sensation the Fat Jewish!

The Instagram superstar says their hangout "got very 'Ghost.'"

By Sarv Kreindler

Internet stardom met reality TV stardom recently when Shahs of Sunset's Mercedes "MJ" Javid bumped into Instagram comedy superstar The Fat Jewish, a.k.a. Josh Ostrovsky. The result is an Instagram photo for the ages.

So how exactly did this mind-melting pop culture moment come to be? "I was in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood wearing a butternut squash colored sweatsuit carrying a high-end fake Louis Vuitton bag, and I saw MJ walk by," the Fat Jewish tells The Daily Dish. "In my mind she was walking in slow-motion, hair blowing behind her, while 'Pony' by Ginuwine played. In reality, she was probably walking at normal speed with no baby-making R&B music playing, but that's how I saw it. We locked eyes, started chatting, and ended up hanging out. I was on my way to an art class I'm taking where I'm learning the pottery wheel and she came with. Let's just say things got very Ghost."

The artsy interlude marked the first time the two had met in real life, though the Fat Jewish reveals they've been cultivating a social media friendship for a while. "We talk on social media, which consists primarily of me telling her how much of a babe she is and how I'd like to drink a martini made with her filthy bathwater. Yes, I'm very charming," the comedian jokes.

But MJ is not the only Shahs star that the Fat Jewish is hoping to get facetime with. "I'd love to have dinner with Reza's mustache," he divulges. "Like not even Reza, just his wonderful mustache sitting in a chair across from me having tapas."

For her part, MJ posted that she found the hilarious Internet sensation "sweet, kind and gracious…he does his mom well."

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