6 Must-Do Experiences in Morocco

6 Must-Do Experiences in Morocco

There's so much to experience, you're going to need a game plan.

By Alesandra Dubin
Tour Group Guide to Morocco

Ah, Morocco. Just mention you’re planning a visit, and be the envy of anyone within earshot. The evocative, exotic vacation destination is packed with options for visitors — who will surely never be bored. To help hone your experience, six experts on the region weighed in on the absolute must-do experiences as part of our Tour Group guide to Morocco. 

1. Shop

There’s no question, Morocco is an amazing place to bring home souvenirs, home decor, spices, and more. 

“The Medina in Marrakech is where you’re going to find the hub of the culture: There’s souks, there’s markets,” says Clint Johnston of Triphackr. “The square in Marrakech is called Jemaa el-Fnaa. It’s full of entertainers — you’re going to see snake charmers.” Oh, but back to shopping.

How to get all your new goodies home? Well, the pros, say: Plan ahead. “Morocco’s a place where I would definitely leave the suitcase at home,” says Laura Begley Bloom. “Buy everything there, buy the suitcase there, and bring it all back with you!”

Photo: Annie Shustrin

2. Spa

With all the shopping, walking, eating, and exploring, you’ll probably be ready for some authentic local-style pampering. “I would highly recommend going to a hammam. A hammam is a Moroccan spa; they’re common throughout the Middle Eastern world,” says Annie Shustrin of Travel Shus. “It feels very exotic, it feels very Moroccan.”

3. Soak in the Culture

If you love music, you’ll find it here for sure. “Mawazine in Rabat is one of the largest music festivals in the world,” says Upton Saiidi. “It’s really an incredible opportunity to see music and also get to see a new country.”

Or how about getting those hips moving in a Moroccan bellydance class? “My favorite part about learning how to belly dance is getting in the flow of it and feeling like such a local — feeling like I am really taking in the culture,” says Teri Johnson of Travelista Teri.

Bloom and Shustrin both recommend checking out Tangier, and traveling back and forth from the very tip of Spain by ferry — multiple times — if time permits. 

4. Hit the Desert

This one’s an absolute bucket-list item: “You must, must go out to the Wadi Rum, the desert, and have that Bedouin tent experience,” says Michaela Guzy of Oh The People You Meet.

Johnston paints a fuller — and stunning — picture of the desert experience. “You can roll out there in a four-by-four and then you pull up to your campsite, get a little fire going, eat your dinner there. and then you’re going to just look up at the stars and see everything.” Yes, please!

Photo: Annie Shustrin

5. Stay Local

“You must stay at a riyadh,” says Guzy. “It’s usually a converted house.” Johnston explains that a riyadh can be as cheap as a hostel — maybe $10 a night — or as luxurious as a five-star hotel. “The center of a riyadh is a courtyard, usually a garden or a pool where you can relax,” he says. (Ahhhhh, count us in.)

Photo: Annie Shustrin

6. Eat (Of Course)

Moroccan food is famous the world over — and it’s divine. “The food is incredible, and it’s very exotic,” Saiidi says. “Tagine is this clay pot that’s used to slowly cook the food — anything from chicken or beef or lamb and rice and vegetables.”

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