Destination Dining Shakeup! Drop Your Cash Here Instead of at Per Se

Destination Dining Shakeup! Drop Your Cash Here Instead of at Per Se

It's time you found a new place to impress over dinner — even if you have to fly there.

Perhaps you've heard about the restaurant review that reverberated around the world? New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells just seriously picked apart Chef Thomas Keller's New York restaurant Per Se, slashing its rating from four stars down to a woeful (in comparison) two. 

But foodies the world over who still need to seal a serious deal over a spendy meal — say, a business transaction or a marriage proposal — have, of course, plenty of remaining options unsullied by such high-profile negative reviews. Check out our countdown of five of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

5. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris, France

The epitome of Parisian fine dining, at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée you’ll be sitting in a huge dining room under a massive chandelier made from 10,000 crystals. Chef Christophe Saintagne provides the elegant dining experience. Check for one: $500

4. Masa, New York City, U.S.A.

If you want good sushi in New York and are rolling in the dough, then Masa is the place for your fish fix. Chef Masa Takayama serves a tasting menu that isn't about theatre — just simple, good food. He gets many types of exotic seafood imported directly from Japan to this Time Warner Center location. Check for one: $550

3. Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan

Sitting in a private tatami room at Kitcho, you can try out kaiseki, which refers to a traditional multicourse Japanese dinner — and the exquisite technique used by Chef Kunio Tokuoka to create it. (Think: seriously haute cuisine.) He uses seasonal and local, fresh ingredients, and has won the restaurant three Michelin stars. Check for one: $600

2. Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China

Ten lucky diners eat Chef Paul Pairet’s food together at one big table at Ultraviolet, where the menu constantly changes. Adding intrigue beyond just gastronomy, the dining experience involves music, video, touch, and smell. Check for one: $700

1. Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain

Come hungry: It's a 20-course dinner experience at the 12-seater restaurant Sublimotion in the Hard Rock Hotel. Chef Paco Roncero gives guests a multisensory Michelin-star experience with a new menu each year. The dining experience is interactive: In one case, guests made their own salads. (Yes, at that price tag). Check for one: $1,500
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