NeNe Leakes: 'Nobody on The Show Cared' About Me

NeNe Leakes: 'Nobody on The Show Cared' About Me

The ATL 'Wife felt alone during the dissolution of her marriage.

By Lauren Metz

Deep down, NeNe Leakes is a lover, not a fighter. For real. "This past year I've gone through something that was very life changing for me," NeNe confides to about her emotions during filming the latest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. "It was already out there that my husband and I were having trouble and I filed for divorce. It was the hardest time in my life. I know I didn't show a lot of emotions on the Housewives show, but it made me be something that I never thought I could be. I've always been able to control everything in my life and this is one thing I wasn't able to control and it almost destroyed me."

Instead of reaching out for a hug (or a few glasses of wine) NeNe found herself pushing away those closest to her, specifically someone whose name rhymes with Swim Kolziak.

"I felt like nobody on the show cared," the Celebrity Apprentice contender continues. "I know they don't have to care, but when you're going through something like that, you need people around you who love and care for you." As the dust from her turbulent split finally settles, NeNe says she just doesn't "want to be surrounded by a bunch of negative people and bitterness and fighting." Amen, sister!

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