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The Daily Dish I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding

NeNe's Nine NeNe-est Moments

From epic fights to her first horseback ride, revisit the OG Atlanta Housewife's most memorable clips.

By Chelsea Brady


We all know Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes marches to the beat of her own drummer, and over the past five seasons we've seen the spunky, outspoken NeNe turn her gift for gab into a new career as an actress while she split from (and then rekindled her love with!) Gregg Leakes.

Now, with her new nuptials special I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, airing Tuesdays at 9/8c, we've compiled a rundown of her best RHOA moments—complete with video clips and GIFs. Enjoy!

Number 9: NeNe's Not on the List


One of the first times viewers got to see NeNe's Anger-o-Meter pop off happened in Season 1, when she arrived at Sheree's birthday bash with Kim to find her name wasn't on the guest list. Kim was granted entry, but security asked to speak to Leakes, who flipped out. "They're harassing me, asking me, 'Is your name on the list?'" she complained outside the party, presuming the slight was intentional (Sheree swore it was an oversight). "It's gonna be war."

Guest List Mayhem

Number 8: NeNe Shows Her Pride


The gays love NeNe, and NeNe certainly loves the gays. After marching (well, riding in a car) at a local pride parade, Leakes explained her appreciation for gay culture: "They invented everything: nail polish, weaves, earrings, how to walk."

NeNe Loves the Gays

Number 7: NeNe Comes Between Sheree and Kim


NeNe and Sheree invited Kim Zolciak to dinner in Season 2 in an attempt to clear the air regarding rumors that had been flying around Atlanta. But when they failed to make peace in a fancy restaurant, the trio moved their disagreement (ahem) outside. Sheree famously went for Kim's wig, and NeNe—trying to calm the two warring ladies—got physically involved.

The Fight Continues Outside

Number 6: NeNe Goes Horseback Riding


The Housewives' trip to Anguilla in Season 5 produced too many memorable moments to count, but NeNe's first-ever attempt to ride a horse was a doozy. "I'm scared to ride a horse," she proclaimed. After her very brief adventure atop the animal, she raced off to get a drink, telling the waiter, "Child, saved my life, honey."

NeNe on a Horse

Number 5: NeNe Goes to Hollywood


NeNe and Gregg relocated to Los Angeles so she could pursue her role on The New Normal, but going Hollywood didn't mean NeNe packed up her old personality. When the ladies tried to arrive for dinner at her house two hours late, she wasn't having it. "I don't think you guys need to come, Cynthia. Just keep it moving," she told them on the phone. When the women arrived at her house regardless, Leakes met them in the driveway and denied them entry to her home: "Don't forget now. I'm in the Hollywood Hills, but I still know how to get hood."

Old NeNe Returns

Number 4: NeNe and Sheree Call Tyrone


Sheree's most famous Housewives throwdown came when she battled a party planner, but her Season 4 fight with NeNe over a business deal gone bad was epic. The two met to hash out their misunderstanding regarding a promoter named Tyrone, and NeNe took it to the next level. "What you don't understand is, while you were running your mouth with him, I was running to the bank, sweetie. And depositing a Trump check. Donald Trump. I am rich. I don't need anything from you."

NeNe and Sheree Blow Up

Number 3: NeNe and the Snap Heard 'Round the World


Phaedra joined the RHOA cast for Season 3 but not everyone was quick to welcome her into the fold. NeNe threw ultimate shade her way during one confessional, where she dished that Phaedra's reputation wasn't as squeaky-clean as she led others to believe. It resulted in NeNe's hilarious snap-bloop combo.

NeNe Snaps at Phaedra

Number 2: NeNe and the Girls Talk Sex


Few topics are off limits for NeNe, but when the ladies got into a conversation about Kandi's line of sex toys that spilled into a general chat about oral pleasure, Leakes had enough. "Listen, I would never put Kool-Aid, candied yams, peppermint candy, pancake syrup, none of those things in my va-jay-jay. That's crazy!"

Too Much Information

Number 1: NeNe Explodes at Kim


NeNe and Kim's infamous fight on the "Tardy for the Party" singer's tour bus will go down as one of the defining scenes in RHOA history. Leakes said Kim was treating her assistant Sweetie like "a slave," and a verbal altercation about jealousy and career motivations got physical. "As soon as she got up off that seat I knew that our friendship was done," Kim said. "Never again."

The Full Bus Fight

GIFs produced by Mandi Illuzzi

What are your favorite NeNe Leakes moments? Tell us in the comments.

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