NJ 'Housewives' Share Their Thoughts on the Pool Party Drama

NJ 'Housewives' Share Their Thoughts on the Pool Party Drama

Teresa defends her husband while Melissa has her hubby Joe's back.

By Mike Hess

There's never a shortage of familial drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey (or any Housewives show, for that matter). Sunday night's episode of NJ however hit a different note, as the drama was more on the quiet conversation side as opposed to tantrums. When Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga sat down for to attempt to hash out their differences at Kathy Wakile's pool party, things started off on a good note, but as has frequently been the case, quickly devolved into rehashing past feuds and grudges.

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The Family Feud Continues

As they do each week, the Housewives took to their Bravo blogs to react to the episode. Here's some quotes that stood out for us:

Melissa Gorga: "During the scenes at Kathy’s BBQ, I was looking at my husband’s face watching the kids play and it made me tear up. I knew what he was thinking. He just wants everything to be normal and peaceful and have his nieces in his life. You could see it in his eyes. Joe wanted to have a positive conversation and to tell his sister to enjoy the day and to just let everything go. Teresa doesn’t want to hear it and kept bring up in the middle of his sentences, “your wife, your wife!” and the fact that Joe has changed since I came into the picture. Of course he has changed. He has a family now. How can Teresa expect to still be Joe’s first priority in his life?" Read the full post here.

Teresa Giudice: "Finally, I want to talk about my Joe. I love him for who he is. He's the same guy now as when I first met him when we were kids. He's old-school Italian, he says what he thinks, he's tough, but has an amazing heart. He's a great dad. He's my best friend. He's amazing. Of course, he's not perfect. He doesn't always say the right thing. But I married him for him. I didn't marry a Simon. He doesn't wear bowties and drink tea with his pinkie up. He also didn't choose to be a Housewife. I did. And he let me. But he's happy for it to be my thing. He doesn't want to be a "House Husband" -- that's why you won't see him sit down for interviews. He lives his life, he tolerates the cameras in our house, and he lets it fly sometimes. I'm sure many of your men would be the same. In a lot of ways, I feel bad for Joe because this whole experience hasn't been really positive for him. He's a private guy who likes to go about his business. But since the show, it's hard for him to go anywhere without having to stop and take pictures and then worry that those pictures might be sold to a tabloid for a fake story. He just doesn't have a lot of tolerance for B.S." Read the full post here.

Kathy Wakile: "I have to admit the best thing that happened that day was when Richie suggested to Joe Gorga that he and Teresa seek therapy to help them communicate constructively. It may not be traditionally how old school families solve their differences, and Richie is as old school as they come. He wasn’t even born in this country. My husband is so fed up with all this drama he feels it’s time to call in the professionals. It’s sure worth a shot since family and friends have been unsuccessful. What do you think? Will they agree to it? You’ll just have to keep watching to see if they take Richie’s advice." Read the full post here.

Caroline Manzo: "Victoria hit the nail on the head -- yes, I stayed away from the pool party on purpose. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m keeping everyone at arms length, because I don’t want to be a wedge in the Gorga/Giudice/Wakile issue. This was an intimate family party. If I went every move I made would have been analyzed. Who sat with who, what did you say to her, what did she say to you? Not playing, staying away makes the most sense. I spoke to Kathy about it, and I hope she and Rich understand." Read the full post here.

What did you think of the showdown between Joe and T? Who made the best points? Comment it up below!

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