O.C. Housewife Wants to Become the Next Oprah

O.C. Housewife Wants to Become the Next Oprah

Jeana Keough wants to give America advice with her very own talk show.

By Lauren Metz

Peace out, Oprah. Move aside, Dr. Phil. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Jeana Keough is ready to tackle the talk show arena.

"People love my advice," the California mom tells RadarOnline. "When you're around a lot of people you gain a lot of knowledge, and I will be the first to say I don't know something and then I'll research it. I won't pretend I know everything, but I will find out."

The reality show pro, who also famously shed 25 pounds and adapted a healthier lifestyle on Thintervention with Jackie Warner, is shopping around three TV show ideas. Gotta have options, right?

Two of them focus on her own reality series and the third pitch is a self-help talk show done in an Oprah-like fashion, no surprise since Jeana praises the daytime diva as an inspiration for her future career ambitions. "There are a lot of different inspirational people who I admire, especially Oprah, and how she helps people and she's an amazing inspiration to everyone. I like the way she gets things done."

What gives this former Playboy model the street cred to take over Oprah's coveted throne? "Through my businesses and dealing with hundreds of people, plus all of my interactions with professionals, I have heard every story you can imagine," Jeana says. "I feel like I'm half psychologist, half doctor!"

That's good enough for us. What about you? Would you spend your daytime with Jeana?

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