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#OddMomOut's Jill Kargman Defines Some Key UES Vocab

The show's star — and 'Momzilla' writer — offers up her own NYC dictionary based on the show.

With Brooklyn behind her, Odd Mom Out's Jill Weber has settled back into the wackiness of the Upper East Side. And now that she's back on her home turf, real-life alter ego, Jill Kargman, is defining all those terms that may have you non-Upper East Siders scratching your heads week after week.

Jill sat down with Perez Hilton to create a little Odd Mom Out glossary, in hope of better explaining all the terms that have since appeared on the show. Break out your pencil and get ready to take notes. Below, she reveals her definitions for "real estate boners," "skellies and rexies," "lucky sperm club," "P.H.D." (not really what you think!), "mommalogue," "commit sui," and more. 

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