Oh My! George Takei Reads Erotic 'Star Trek' Fiction

Oh My! George Takei Reads Erotic 'Star Trek' Fiction

Watch the sci-fi hero offer hilarious read of Sulu and Chekov scene.

By Sarv Kreindler

Original Star Trek star, world's favorite Facebooker, and the Internet's general purveyor of magnificent memes, George Takei was on Watch What Happens Live last night. Which means we have some glorious video for you to watch.

Our favorite is something you didn't even see on TV. On the After Show, Andy Cohen asked George Takei if he would recite some erotic Star Trek fan fiction. Naturally, Mr. Takei obliged.

So if you have been waiting all your life to hear Captain Sulu narrating a steamy Sulu/Chekov scene, you, my friend, are in luck. Sit back and hit play on the clip below.

Our only warning: you may never look at a red lollipop the same way again. Oh my!


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